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Thursday, August 21, 2008

If She Only Knew

If she only knew how many people loved her.
If she only know how many people are praying for her.

I've received so much encouragement over the past month, as I asked faithful prayer warriors to life Ellie up in prayer for the 30 days preceding her surgery.

The founder of Ellie's foster home replied and asked my permission to share the prayer request with friends in Beijing who loved and cared for Ellie. The next day I received an email from a lady who lives in Beijing telling me she was praying for Ellie.

I received a message from someone in Canada who told me she was praying.

My wonderful group of prayer warriors from the Bethany COP yahoo group have been the best, most encouraging, uplifting group of saints I could have ever asked for. Ten years ago, would I have ever dreamed that I would have so many cyber-brothers and cyber-sisters.

We have a good friend from Kentucky who happened to be staying with us the week we started the prayer vigil. She went back home and her church and friends have joined us in prayer.

I really would like to take the time to list the names of all the friends from all over the country who are remembering Ellie. Two days ago, a message from someone I'd not heard from in months, who just "happened" to check out our blog...she's praying.
The next day two messages from "strangers", but not really, members of the family of God who followed a link to our blog. They are praying.

I checked out a friends' blog, and she had the sweetest post. She had a picture of our family and was requesting those who read her blog to be in prayer.

A friend from church mentioned how her family is praying daily for Ellie. And, one night, during that prayer, when her husband mentioned Ellie's name, her 3-year-old son said, "Because we love her."

Last night, our associate pastor told me as he was praying with his son, in second grade and in my Sunday School class, his son whispered during the prayer, "Don't forget Ellie."

My wonderfully spiritual hairdresser, who couldn't help but cry as she told me today she was praying for Ellie and her circle of prayer buddies were joining her.

And, the shepherd of our flock, a man of God, Brother Randall, who has Ellie's name on sticky notes to remind him to pray. One Sunday leaving church, he mentioned Ellie and then said he felt the LORD moving on him to pray right there while shaking hands in the back of the church. He began to pray, and then he was speechless. The Holy Spirit took over, and no words were spoken, but I can only imagine what sweet sounds the Son was uttering to the Father on Elllie's behalf.

And, to each of you, who have followed and prayed, cried with me, and rejoiced...
I thank my God upon every remembrance of you.

And, most of all, to the Holy Spirit himself who makes intercessions for us with groanings which cannot be uttered, for I so do NOT know how to pray. To Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, who is at the right hand of the Father, the right hand of righteousness, making intercessions for Ellie, for her mama, her family, for you, thank you.

May the LORD bless your faithfulness to us and to Him,


Sabrina said...

You are right, if she only knew. What a blessing she is to all that she meets! We are praying, sister.

samuelsadoption said...

Ellie is such a loved little girl! She has so many prayer warriors on her side, but most of all she has Jesus!

A Momma in Waiting... said...

I'm putting her up on my blog if you don't mind! The picture with Evan, JT and Ellie, I love that picture. Asking everyone to pray! Terry

Anonymous said...

Oooohh!!! I just love to hear this ... praise the LORD for all the prayer warriors and praying too, for Ellie and all of you for her surgery and recovery!
Love and hugs to you ... Kimberly :)

Anonymous said...

Oooohh!!! I just love to hear this ... praise the LORD for all the prayer warriors and praying too, for Ellie and all of you for her surgery and recovery!
Love and hugs to you ... Kimberly :)

Sonflowerz said...

Hi there, we were so honored to see that you were listening to our album and were singing with us through the storm. (Our google alerts tell us when some one has blogged about our music.) Thank you for your support and for keeping the faith in our Lord Jesus. God bless you and your beautiful family!

The Sonflowerz

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