Why We Call Our Blog the Miracle of More

The miracle is a beautiful image of Ephesians 3:20--more than I can ask or imagine. Every day is a miracle. Every moment is a miracle. Specifically for our family, the miracle of more is our family growing in ways I would never have imagined when we first committed to adoption 8 years ago. But, the greatest miracle is the change in ME!

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A How-to Manual for Friends of Adoptive Parents

First, if you missed yesterday's post, get busy reading it and rejoicing with us. Thank you all for the many comments and emails and text messages I received yesterday. (And, please pray, because Satan himself tried to steal my joy after I spent the day praising the LORD.)

Second. I love you Theresa!

My friend Theresa, who is not an adoptive parent, sent me this link. She told me how glad she was that she read it. I didn't know what I was going to be reading, but I clicked on the link, and I'm glad I read it to.

If you want to hear some really great advice from a fellow adoptive parent about how you can support families who are adopting, click here:


And, if you feel like you learned something, please share it with me by leaving a comment.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Than I Ever Could Have Imagined

(For all of you Memorial Box readers out there: this was not a memorial box post when I wrote it; however, the letter telling of the miracle is already housed in our memorial box, and I wanted to share this awesome story with you!)

Most you who are reading this already know much about our story. You have prayed us through some difficult days and rejoiced with us as God poured out His blessings.

And, if you know me, you know well that one of my favorite verses is Ephesians 3:20...Now to him that is able to do axceeding abundantly more above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us. v. 21 Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all the ages, world without end.

God has once again given us an Ephesians 3:20 moment, above all that we asked or even could think.

If you don't know the story of God's leading to TWO sons in China, please click on the Little Emperor's Tab or here and then click on the link to Zeke's Story here. Please do that before you read on, because you need to know the WHOLE story to really grasp all that God has done.

We've been fundraising now for a YEAR, with over $12,000 raised and a $3,000 grant, so we had $15,000 of the estimated $37,500 over agency told us to expect for TWO adoption. The fundraising had slowed down tremendously. We had suffered through many trials in the last few months, broken appliances, Navy son departing to sea, a life-threatening illness of a family member.

Our faith was wavering.

I truly began to feel like Job. I praised the LORD in the storm, but some days it was oh so hard. I admit a few days I just spent crying, never turning my back on God, but begging Him to show me why the battle was raging so fiercely.

Then, last week, God showed Himself Faithful. Not because He has to. He would still be a Faithful God, had he not shown up. But, He showed Himself faithful to Ephesians 3:20.

We received a grant from Show Hope......and in the same day....we received an anonymous donation to our adoption agency. This donation was for $25,000!!!!! I thought someone added an extra 0 to the amount, so I called to be sure. Oh, me of little faith!

Our adoption is now PAID in FULL!!!

v. 21 Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all the ages, world without end.

(We will continue to sell Uganda bead necklaces to ensure we have enough funds for any unexpected expenses. We also hope to be able to take Josie-Tatum and Ellie with us to their homeland, with Ellie visiting Drew's foster home, since she was fostered there as well. So, if you need Christmas gifts let me know.)

And, to all of you, for every $5 donation from someone in Australia who prayed God would multiply to those who've bought necklaces, for every prayer and word of encouragement, to my friends who donated larger amounts from the blessings God has given you, and those who have sold almost as many necklaces as I have:

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you. Join me now in the sacrifice of praise!

The Big News

I plan to post later today....to share an Ephesians 3:20 miracle.

I want to use the right words.

I want to make sure every bit of the story shares God's glory!

Keep checking!

Monday, November 28, 2011

You Know Somebody Loves You When

I know somebody loves me when....

I come home from a family gathering on Thanksgiving Day to find this on the bar in my kitchen.

How do I know somebody loves me?

They loved me enough to give me a frog. I happen to like frogs, both live and artificial. They chose a gift for me they knew I would like.

They loved me enough to decorate the frog. They took time to cut out a Pilgrm hat for the frog and make a note that said, "Hoppy Thanksgiving."

And, they loved me enough to break into my house while I was away to leave me a surprise.

I know SOMEBODY loves me!

(Don't forget. Keep checking bag. Big news is coming!)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ever Thankful

(I can hardly believe how long it has been since I posted!!!)

We had a most blessed week during our Thanksgiving Break. There is so much to share, I am going to try to post once a day this entire week...I'd hate to overwhelm you all at once. Keep checking. There will be ONE post I promise you do NOT want to miss.

But, I'll begin with Thanksgiving.

I am one BLESSED Mama.

It was such a beautiful fall day, we began with photo shoot....we haven't had one in a while.

My college son Brandon cannot seem to function on "normal" human hours. He suffers from college clock itis.....up all night, sleep most of the day.....which means he missed the photo shoot, so I had him pose on the sofa two days later. He was here Thanksgiving Day, I promise!

Like most Americans, we ate far too much turkey, dressing, and desserts! We spent Thanksgiving Dinner with Stan's extended family, aunts, cousins, and more. Then, we had Thanksgiving Supper with my family. Family and food ALL day.

Stan had to work, but he was off on Friday, so I was able to have a Thanksgiving Date with my man on Friday.

Caleb is out at sea, but he sent his mama one SWEET email that was delivered on Thanksgiving day.

How can it be more blessed than that?
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