Why We Call Our Blog the Miracle of More

The miracle is a beautiful image of Ephesians 3:20--more than I can ask or imagine. Every day is a miracle. Every moment is a miracle. Specifically for our family, the miracle of more is our family growing in ways I would never have imagined when we first committed to adoption 8 years ago. But, the greatest miracle is the change in ME!

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Emotional--I Am Both Sappy and Weepy

You already know my boys are graduating this year. Tonight, though, is Senior night at the football game. We will meet Brandon and the football team at 4:45. The team will have its annual senior walk. Every senior player will have a Bear paw sprayed on the field with their number. Then at 6:30, we'll meet again and walk on the field with Brandon before the game begins.

This is our last home game. I was a little sad on senior night when Whitney was a senior. She was in the band. Tonight, though, is somehow more somber for me. Perhaps it's because I won't have any kids in high school again for 9 years, so high school football games won't be the same for a while. I've been watching high school football diligently for the past 7 years.

But, another reason my heart is fluttering is because it's Brandon. I am so thankful that the LORD has allowed us to be part of his life. What makes me hurt, though, is that for two years, he played football and I didn't know how difficult his life had become. I watched him play, and I loved him, but I wasn't his "mama" then. And for years before that, I saw him at various functions, I said, "Hello," I hugged him, I said, "I love you," and soemtimes he even came home with us, but he never shared what he was REALLY going through. I suppose I'm mourning the loss of those years when he was not with us. I pray that we've spent enough time with him for him to know how much he is loved.

Sometimes Brandon says, "I'm tired of football." And, I know he is!!! I couldn't take all of that work. But, he's recently discussed how his outlet for his previous homelife has been sports. I don't think he'll admit it, but I think he'll be saddened by it all tonight, too.

The thought of his leaving us so soon after we became a family grieves me so. I know that I trust in the ONE who knows, and I do trust that He loves Brandon more than I do.

I wonder how often He grieves for us. When we have not spent as much time with Him as He would have wanted us to spend, does He hurt? When he allows us to venture away from Him, knowing that some of our decisions will not be good for us, but that we will learn from those mistakes, do his eyes fill with tears?

I will wipe the tears from my eyes now. It's almost time to get ready. I'll keep trusting in Jesus, go love on Brandon, ask Jesus to keep loving on him, and....
I'll post pictures of the smiles covering the tears tomorrow.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Than I Ever Dreamed

So, night before last Brandon said, "Mrs. Robbie, you are Mother of Year. I would nominate you!" Well, he didn't know I had already been crowned "Best Mother in the World." So, I had to put on my crown and give the details.

God has been so good. This week, Brandon has been working on a scholarship application. Part of the process was describing the adversitites in his life. What an honor and a privilege when he asked me to help him. It opened up the opportunity for lots of conversation about his past, past turmoil, and God's deliverance.

In preparing materials for the organization of acitivies for our church in observance of National Adoption Awareness month, I am reminded of God's heart for the orphan. "The LORD protects the stranger; He supports the fatherless and the widow." (Psalm 146:9) And, I am so blessed that he is allowing me to join Him in this work.

I cannot imagine my life without my children, without my birth children, or without Josie-Tatum, Ellie, or Brandon.

How Great Is Our God! He gives us the privilege of knowing his heart. He allows us to parent our children and learn to love more like he loves. He give us the Spirit of adoption. He adopts us into his family because He loves us. And, I believe we bless Him.

I know I needed an Ellie in my life, I needed a Brandon,and I needed a Josie-Tatum. I think sometimes I get my thoughts tangled. I know they needed a family, but I also believe many days the greatest blessing is mine.

If at the end of my life, my children will rise up and call me blessed, I have lived life indeed!

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Official

I'm sorry for all of you moms out there, but it is now official!!!!!!!!!!

I have been "crowned" the best mother in the world. That's what Ellie has declared. She placed the lovely "crown" on my head and said, "Here, Mommy, this is for you, the Best Mommy in the World>" When I laughed, she said, "Because you carry the baby."

So, for the past 9 weeks, and all those days before, when I lugged that baby upstairs and down, everywhere she had to go, she was carried, I have received my reward, and I must say that NO ONE has ever made my day at the end of a crazy day any better than she did. (Yes, I know that was one of the longest run-on sentences in the world, but I'm tired.)

I might also add that, tonight at a Recreation Department ballgame, where I had gone to watch one of my Sunday School Students play, Ellie asked, "Mama, where did I find you?" I decided to play along, imagining that this would be one of those, "You rode on an airplane to come get me, and I rode on a train," stories. Well, she had another idea. She said, "I found you in the monster bushes, and you scared me."
Go figure.

But, just for now, I will enjoy my reign, and I will not be weary in well doing.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Adoption Gathering

What a blessed time we had tonight. Would I have ever dreamed I would one day have 2 daugthers from China, and we'd have 2 other families in our small time with children from China? We had a gathering of families at our church tonight, with 7 families gathering together. Most had adopted from China, one family adopted from Russia, and one has a referral from the Phillipines-waiting to travel. I tried my first Smile Box Creation if you'd like to take a look at some photos.

Off to get some sleep and get ready to worship our Awesome Jesus!
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Friday, October 24, 2008

My Boys: Another Kind of Sandwich

So many of my posts are about my girls, but I want to share with you how special my boys are. Moms of boys, don't you just love hugs and kisses from your boys? When they're 17 years old, how special those hugs and kisses become. I am so proud that my boys are affectionate with their mother...even in public.

Okay, the picture of Brandon making a face when I kissed him in front of every 5th grader at school today, AND the football team is his way of picking at me...REALLY! Even before the LORD paved the way for him to move in with us permanently, before we became his legal guardians, Brandon would hug and kiss me in public, even say, "I love you, Mrs. Robbie." I love him soooooooooo much. And, tonight my star football player blew his mommy a kiss from the sidelines.

And, Caleb, oh how sweet he was as a young boy. (He acts a little more like a teenager now, but he still loves his mama.)When he was younger, if I was ever sick, with the flu, kidney infections, etc., he would always come quietly into my room and ask how I was doing. I remember one time when he didn't want to go somewhere with his friends because I was sick; he didn't want to leave me alone.

The boys have a friend from church who has in a bad automobile accident. Brandon went 2 hours away to the hospital where she was life flighted to check on her. Since her family is not in church, he made plans to play golf with her dad so he could witness to him. Without the positive influenced he could have had when he was growing up, he now coaches little league soccer. He plays with kids. Sometimes when he comes home from football practice, he grabs the girls and says, "Come here. I haven't seen you all day."

I think I've posted this before, but here is one of my favorite stories about Caleb. When he was about 5 years old, our neighbor passed away. Caleb and Stan would often check in on his widow and do little odd jobs for her. That summer while on vacation, Caleb looked up at me, with his feet in the edges of the Atlantic Ocean and said with a quivering voice, "Mama, who's looking after Mrs. Conner?"

One day last week, someone really hurt my feelings. I continued to deal with this perosn, trying to be strong. I had walked away when Brandon saw me, the tears pooling in my eyes. He smiled and said, "I love you, Mrs. Robbie." Of course, he meant that to make me feel better. While it did, the added emotion of his love for me opened the flood gates. I kept crying. Caleb called me. I couldn't talk at that moment. Caleb was so worried, he called later in the day just to check on me. Oh, the treasure of being loved by 2 BIG boys, enough that they want to protect me from hurt feelings. I'm so glad God wants to comfort me when I'm hurt, and He wants to comfort me so much that He sent His only son just for me, and when I'm too wrapped up to remember His sacrifice for me, He sent me two muscled boys to give me a hug.

Hugs change, too, when your boys get big. The bear hugs can be painful. Occasionally, one of them will ask the other, "Do you know what I want?" Reply, "A sandwich." Questions: " Do you know what kind?" And then they'll both say, "A Mama Sandwich." Those are good old big hugs.

I'm sure I'll be sappy again many times this year. Both of those boys will likely leave home this summer. Caleb plans to join the navy, and Brandon plans to go to college 4 hours away from home. Do you suppose some of you can come over and make me a sandwich?

(I hope the pictures I've tried adding to this post twice already show up soon.)
And since they still won't show up, here is my first attempt at putting a link on my blog. If you'd like to take a look at the boys' senior pictures. Just click their name:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Promised Pictures of Life's Little Pleasures

Here are the pictures I promised days ago. I've been busy...a good kind of busy. We've been in revival this week, a wonderful Spirit-filled revival. We've seen approximately 50 people make professions of faith. We've seen prayers answered. Praise the LORD!

In the midst of this working, Ellie has made some serious progress. Once again, praise the LORD for poo! Ellie has told us she had to go poo the past 4 out of 5 times this week. Well, she told us all 5 times, but one of the 5 she had already started going before she told her daddy...or until he realized what she was telling him. She had been telling us just seconds before she needed to go. Twice in the past week, though, she told us and had to sit a few minutes...which I think tells me she's learning to read the earlier signs of a BM. Praise the LORD!!!! You know, I want to see her walk, I want to see her dance, and I don't want her to ever worry about BM's in public.

At a family reunion this weekend, Ellie said, "Mama, when I get my brace off, I'm going to walk, and I'm going to run." My heart melted. She has often talked about walking, but she's never mentioned running. Oh, to see her run! And, you'll hear me shouting all over the world!

Last night, my heart melted again. Josie-Tatum was making a card for Ellie in church. She had hearts on the card and had written, "I love you beycus you are my sistre." How great is our God, who ordained that these 2 girls living in different parts of China, would find the same family on the other side of the world.

I can't help but praise him!

Do you remember the pleasure of picking wildflowers and taking them indoors?

Memories of my childhood....when most of the time I was barefoot--

Josie-Tatum's Photography...might she have a future in photography?

The First Annual Family Manicure Day in Taiyuan on October 18, 2007.

Here is Ellie painting her nails one year later!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

God's Greatest Treasures

Life's little pleasures can be God’s greatest treasures.

I find that I am an overly sentimental adult. My friend Rick would probably call me sappy. He would agree, only I don’t think he ever reads my blog—too sappy for him, I’m sure. I like to think I try to live I Thessalonians…In everything give thanks. Of course, I don’t always give thanks for EVERYTHING…

But once again, I find myself thinking of last year. This time last year, we were in China. I’ve been looking through photos from last year. How’s this for a coincidence? Saturday morning, October 18th, I let Josie-Tatum and Ellie paint their fingernails. When I was looking through our travel photos, I was amazed. On October 18th, one year ago, I was painting Ellie’s fingernails. She had resisted my affection and attention so that I had become creative. I pulled out the polish to paint Josie-Tatum’s nails, and it worked. She then wanted me to paint hers, and let me pick her up off the floor without protest. (I’ll try to post pictures when I get home.)

I was reminded what a blessing it was last year on October 18th to hold Ellie in my lap at her request. Our guide had watched her push me away multiple times and heard her yell, “Bu Yao,” when I approached her. I felt such joy when Ellie spoke to Mary and told her that her mama painted her nails. So, do you think October 18th should be our Family Manicure Day?
(Okay, I cry at Hallmark commercials, but I won’t go that far. ;)

And yesterday, I took a walk with my baby girls. Inspired by the scales, OMGosh, I decided to stop making excuses and walk. With Ellie in her brace, she barely fit into the jogging stroller, but she fit and enjoyed herself. And, Josie-Tatum’s pent up energy could come out after school on our walk.

I felt the sentiment going just yards from the house. We walked through the driveway, past Grandma’s house and onto the dirt road. Memories flooded my thinking. I use to walk this road to see my Granny. In the days when parents didn’t have to be afraid of the stranger down the street, my sister and would often walk the half-mile to Granny’s house. We stopped along the way, to pick blackberries in the summer, wild grapes in the early fall, or wildflowers of different varieties throughout the year. In the summer we walked the shady edges of the road, and in the winter we walked in the sunshine. Life was simple then.

I enjoyed my walk yesterday with my girls more than I dreamed. I told them of my childhood days. We even took the camera and captured the beauty we found. When I get home, I’ll post the other pictures and one Josie-Tatum took. Perhaps she’ll find a career in photography. After taking pictures of flowers, we picked a few. We even captured a bee pollinating a flower on film.

God’s has surrounded us in beauty, hasn’t He? We drive by it everyday and fail to notice. Josie-Tatum surprised me when she said, “If I’ve ever seen a bee sucking nectar, I never noticed it before. I was too busy playing.” The whole earth is filled with His glory. I hope I can remember to slow down, to be still and know that He is God.

I am determined that we will take more walks together. That dirt road may become a paved road soon. The only houses that have ever been there are my parents and my grandmother’s house, where my sister now lives. My great-aunt, however, sold some of her land to the school system. A new elementary school will soon be less than a mile from my house. The dirt road will probably be paved as a second access to the building. I’m just sentimental enough to say that I’ll miss that dirt road.

But, I am determined not to miss His glory or His mercy, new every morning. And, if you’re ever near my house, stop by. We’ll go for a walk.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Funnies

Since a merry heart doeth good like a medicine...here are a few funnies from the week.

I told you our Gotcha Day was not typcial, and we didn't really "celebrate" until late that evening. Well, when I shared with someone at church that it was Ellie's Gotcha Day, and they asked "What does that mean?" Ellie said, "It means I stayed at Grandma's today."

And, yesterday, when I hit my toe on the door, Josie-Tatum said, "I don't think it will kill you." I said, "No, I've never heard of anyone who died from hitting their toe on a door." And Josie-Tatum said, "Good too, since Ellie's still in her brace."
I guess otherwise it would have been okay.

I haven't shared that our new puppy Cocoa ran under Caleb's truck and met an early end to her life. The girls were only a little sad, but Whitney was devastated. She quickly went to the nearby shelter and brought home another puppy who we named Biscuit. Last night, Ellie asked what we were having for supper. I said, "Biscuits and gravy." You guessed it. Her eyes got wide and she asked, "We're eating Biscuit for supper?"

And for my funniest story of the school year:

I was teaching geometry to my fourth graders. We were learning about perpendicular line and right angles. I walked around the classroom with a carpenter's "square" pointing out right angles and perpendicular lines as I went. I placed the carpenter's square on the corner of the door, the bulletin board, the whiteboard, the corners of blocks in the block wall....all around the room everywhere we found them and all the while I was telling a story....I said, "Last year, on the same day that I was teaching perpendicular lines, my students found THIS carpenter's square on the playground under the pecan trees. I asked the custodians, and they told me they didn't now where it came from. So, I told them, 'Good. I'm keeping it. It will come in handy next year when I teach perpendicular line.'"

One little girl raised her hand and asked, "Is it still out there?"

Have a blessed weekend,

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Gotcha Day! One Year Later!

So, you know where we were one year ago today. Praise the LORD! What a difference has been made in our lives the past year. One year ago, Ellie knew NO English. Now, she won't stop talking. ;) One year ago, we were a family of 5, and now we're a family of 7. One year ago, Josie-Tatum didn't know how to give like she gives so much today. God has been so good. I hope you enjoy the before and after photos.

Our First Family Photo---well 3 of us were in the USA.

So, with football practice, college classes, Stan's work, school, and church this evening, we didn't quite celebrate the way I would have liked. JT, E, and I baked cookies this afternoon, though. Then, finally we were all together at 8:30 this evening to sit down together, reminisce, and eat cookies.

Would any Gotcha Day be complete with a little video from that special day? Ellie was thoroughly enjoying herself...watching herself...laughing at herself....as she and JT laughed at each other on Adoption Day.

How hard can it be to get five children to look at the camera, smile, and be serious at the same time?

Good-night sweet baby! Thank you for one blessed year.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just Like Gilligan

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip---
The cast is a cast-away!
In the above picture Ellie's wearing her new brace, but before she put it on, her mama got one of the best birthday presents ever. I got to hold my baby up close and tight.

Ellie's hip is healing well. She will wear her brace 24 hours a day, except to take baths and change diapers. Our challenge will be to keep her from trying to walk until we see the doctor again in 4 weeks.

Thank you for your prayer. Please pray for continued healling.

So, with all that dead skin not being scrubbed for 7 weeks, Ellie has flaked everywhere she went today. I tried to clean her up some after the cast came off, but without a good soaking, it was almost a waste of time. She's left skin behind like Hansel and Gretel dropped their bread crumbs.

A "Real" Bath
So, with all that dead, dry skin, and having missed a bath for exactly 7 weeks, our Ellie was one happy girl in the bathtub tonight! We can't leave her for a second, though, because she wants to pull up to get toys from the side.

What a Difference a Year Makes
This day last year, my birthday, was the last day we would ever spend without Ellie in our family. She had lived in our hearts for almost a year.

We flew from Beijing to Taiyuan, where we found another world--Chinese citizens who were not accustomed to seeing Americans walk down the street. We visited Wal-Mart wehre so much was the same and so much was different...especially in the meat department.
And, that night I had to take a sleeping pill to fall asleep because I couldn't stop thinking about my baby!

from Whitney

Mom, Dad, Jt, and Ellie are still in Tampa, but the cast is off and they're getting fitted for a brace (or they were when I talked to her last). She said she would post pictures when she got home!

thanks for the prayers!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

This Time Last Year

I must take the time to reminisce.
This time last year, Robbie and Bobbie were in a rickshaw. Who would ever have dreamed that the 2 little girls who used to walk barefoot down the dirt road to Granny's house would travel around the world. The two little girls who shared a 3/4 bed in a single wide trailer only 10 x 50 feet, would one day share the trip of a lifetime.

Aunt Bobbie was being Aunt Bobbie, always taking care of her neices and nephews, the one to hold them when Mama says she's tired, the one to share her lipstick, the one to give you a lift.

And, Stan, Robbie, and Josie-Tatum were posing before entering Tiananmen Square.

But the day before, we met Ellie! For the first time, I touched the hand I had prayed for so long. I heard her sweet voice. It was still 4 more days until Gotcha, but her being was finally a reality.

Please, please, please, please, please help my pray I can find my camera!
We leave tomorrow for Tampa, and the next day the doctor!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

3 days and counting down

Just 3 days until we go back to Tampa, see the doctor, and MAYBE, more than maybe, we'll leave the cast behind.

Please, please pray!

And, please pray I find my digital camera to record the moment.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today and Yesterday

Okay, I can't find my digital camera...any ideas where it might be. The card is upstairs in the computer, but the camera is...well I don't know. So, I'll tell you what happened today, and then we'll have a little fun. Look at the pictures below and Guess Who!

But, first, Ellie is trying to crawl, and even stand up while holding onto the couch, all things she should NOT do. We have to keep a constant eye on her. Well, today, her daddy said, "Come here." She said, "Dad-dy, the doctor said I can't crawl" So, she will do what the doctor says when it works for her.

Prayers please, only 5 more days until we visit the doctor!!!! Please pray that her body is healing and we can leave the cast behind.

And, for those who may wonder how human I really am. (I hope I don't diappoint you too much.) But, today someone had really upset me, so I told Stad, exactly like this, "What really aggravated the p-i-s-s out of me...." and I finished my story.

JT came in the kitchen and said, "Mom, I know what you spelled."

I said, "What?"

Okay, she's gifted. She's in kindergaraten. She told me. Be more careful Mom.

Now, I hope you enjoy guessing who, as much I as enjoyed looking at old photo files today.

Does this look familiar?

Has this child changed a little?

Do you know this kid?

Guess Who!

Monday, October 6, 2008

He Needs a Forever Family

This little boy needs to find his family soon. In his country, children with special needs are moved to mental institutions if they are not adopted. I am praying for him. His condition sounds much like Ellie's--as does his personality. Anybody reading this feel called to adopt, perhaps contribute to his adoption fund. Please pray for him. If we had the finances, I think I could talk Stan into it; ;) Alas, we do not. Anyone out there have about $20,000 to spare?

Read about him below. Help me advocate for him. If you'd like more information, go to
Scroll down to the contact link for Aleksey.


Boy, Born March 4, 2005


This happy, precious little boy was born with spina bifida. He has brown hair and bright blue eyes.

One of our adoptive families visited with him in March of 2008, and describes him as " having a personality that will make you wrapped around his finger in no time. He was such a bright little boy, he appears to be cognitively very aware and able. He is a bright and sweet little boy and will be a joy to any family."

Another of our adoptive families visited with Aleksey (Alosha is his nickname) in July of 2008, and this is what they have to say of him: "He is an absolute sweetie pie. Out of all the children there, I would have chosen him, hands down if we were able to adopt another child at this time. He has such a sweet demeanor and his smile could be seen across the playground. It is almost as if he was flirting with me, the way we kept exchanging smiles and glances. I can tell that he has so much potential. He is able to pull himself up to a standing position and he can walk along the playpen railing if he can hold onto it. He can follow along in little games and he appears to catch on to things very quickly. When I took a picture of him and then showed it to him, he smiled and asked for more in Russian. I continued to take pictures of him and I could tell it made his day to have the attention. I bet he can live a near normal life if he just had a family to give him the love and attention that every child deserves. I hope that he finds a family soon or I might just have to go back and get him myself!!"

We do have additional photos, including one of his spine which you could share with a surgeon to inquire about correcting it for him.

Many children with special needs have been adopted from this well-taken-care-of orphanage, where the director truly cares about the children and desperately wants them to find families instead of not surviving in the mental institution. Aleksey is 3 now, so he is the perfect age to bring home and benefit from therapy and a loving family environment.

Won't you be the one to give him the life he deserves?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

All Things New

No pictures today, just a full heart.

I grow quite sentimental with dates for our girls....thinking now of how we were preparing last year for travel to get Ellie. We were leaving in a week. I was busy packing, and OH, how our life has changed.

I think back through the difficult adjustment, the attachment issues, how overwhelmed I was with Ellie's medical issues, how hard it was to focus on just being her mommy. And, during that time, Brandon joined our family, and full of joy my heart was, because we had so hoped that would happen, and God directed every step until he could join our family in our hearts and legally in our home.

I think of my fears before her surgery, and how good God has been, how she is giggling downstairs now, playing Wei with her daddy. And, now yelling, "Daddy!" and her contagious giggle. I look over the balcony and hear Josie-Tatum ask, "Promise?" I don't know what the promise is, or why it's so funny, but they're touching thumbs as some new secret treaty is agreed upon. More giggles.

I think how I've been so busy and so overwhelmed that I've thought, "I know our family is complete." But, now as the adjustment has come, as God has proven Himself faithful to carry us through her surgery, as I've stepped out of my comfort zone, and learned I can be a nurse if I have to be, I think, "I'd go to the ends of the earth and bring another orphan home if God led me there.:

And, tonight, the Stretches came over for supper. Five years ago, we didn't yet have Josie-Tatum's referral, but we were close. Jason and Joli had sent their dossier to China, but weren't quite close to Elisabeth's referral. Stan and I had 2 kids, Jason and Joli didn't have any. Now, we have 8 children altogether. And, God has given us the same desires to raise awareness for orphans and adoption. We can share the joys and the difficult day. All things are new, and all things are beautiful.

We get busy cleaning house, as I did today, and we forget the MIRACLE, as Joli said. What a miracle has changed our families. Whitney was our first miracle; the LORD blessed us with her after I had a miscarriage. Caleb was our second miracle; following complications in delivery where 50% of all mothers and 50% of all babies in that situation don't make it. Statistically, one of us should not be here.

And, God sent so many signs to tell us we had a daughter all the way around the world. He used Focus on the Family, AFR, and Steven Curtis Chapman, to guide us to another miracle. Josie-Tatum is such a joy, so smart, so beautiful, with a heart of orphans at the age of almost 6.

Then, HE told us there was another daughter, and we had no idea she would be so special. We were not prepared for spina bidia, but HE knew. I would have told people I couldn't do it. He knew He could and would equip us. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strenght. We were once told she had been matched with another family. We were later told another family had planned to adopt her months earlier. But, she was ours....God knew.

And, while we were waiting on Ellie, we learned that Brandon needed a new home, a home with stability. We have loved him for years, and we knew our answer was, "yes," but we had to wait for him, too. It was months later before it was truly possible, but at the same time we were bringing Ellie home, God was working another miracle, and Brandon became ours too. Our home is a new place.

You can have all this world; Give me Jesus.
Fernando Ortega

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Isn't it amazing how all of our Asian babies have different hair. Ellie's is coarse and thick. Josie-Tatum's is fine, soft, and thin.

JT wants to let her hair grow. I really like it just touching her shoulders, since it is so thin. I've decided, though, to let her have her way. It isn't hurting anything, just my own "control" freak gene.

Well, my JT can sass occasionally like one of my teenagers. On Tuesday, she was telling me she wanted to wear a pony tail to school every Wednesday because Wed will be run the track day in PE. I suggested another hair style to which she proceeded to say, "I'm the boss of my hair."

Well, Control Freak Mama lost it and said, "I am still the boss of you, and that makes me the boss of your hair. I could, if I wanted take you to see Mrs. Donna today and let her cut that hair."

Leave it to Brandon. He said, "I guess that means I can't get dred locks."
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Ellie Min Chun

Ellie Min Chun
Josie-Tatum's MeiMei