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Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Family Pets

So, Ellie has developed a new fascination with rocks. No matter where we were on our trip to CT, she would stop to pick up rocks. Ready to step out on a dock on a beautiful river....stop to pick up a rock. See the ocean just yards away, pick up a piece of gravel in the parking lot.

So, these new friends are now part of the Mattox family.

This first rock was found off the coast of Connecticut in the edge of the Long Island Sound. We were at Harvey's Beach in the town of Old Saybrook. We found the water there much like Jekyll Island. It was low tide and muddy, and there were sand gnats. But, the seeing the Long Island sound and picturing God's handiwork was awesome.

His name is Rocky.

Back at the hotel, Daddy felt compelled to join in the game and give Rocky a face.

Ellie chose another rock on the shores of Rhode Island. We were driving back from a restaurant when I saw a sign for a beach. Quite the little detour later, we found a beach town, looked for a while to find a place to park, and headed out all clothed to check out the beach. I like the idea of seeing different beaches. Some sights look familiar, while others are different. And, while we were stepping into the Atlantic waters, like we do when we are home, that water was COLD!!

So, Daddy helped Ellie choose the perfect rock, and I suggested the name Rhoda for Rhode Island and she liked that idea.

On the way to the van, however, Ellie shared that she was afraid Rocky might be jealous because the new rock was prettier than Rocky. And, for the 30-45 minute ride back to the hotel, Ellie was entertained by her two new pets. (Have you considered how much imagination that takes.)

Well, we're driving along, when Ellie says, "Everybody, don't talk to Rocky. When we get to the hotel, I am putting him in the corner in time out because he's making fun of the other one."

Josie-Tatum asked, "Is it because the other one is fatter?"

Ellie said, "No, it's because the other one doesn't have a face."

Yeah, Josie-Tatum and I laughed.

We laughed pretty hard.....

until Stan said in that Daddy takes control voice, "Well, I can tell you one thing. When we get back to the hotel, I can fix that. I can give the other one a face."

You see his handiwork.

Our last full day in Rhode Island found us taking a steam train along the Connecticut River, and a ferry to cross it. After a hike, Ellie and I wet our feet in the water. (I love water.)

And, Ellie chose yet another rock to be her new pet. (Ellie loves rocks.)

I don't know why she chose the name Rosabelle, but that is her name.

Caleb was at work while we were taking this little adventure. When were back on the ferry to cross the river again, the family stood at the rail to take in the beautiful sights to see on the CT River.

Not Ellie.

When we asked her to come look at the river with us, she sat on the deck under a shelter and said, "I think I'll stay here and play with my new rock."

And tonight, I'm upstairs updating the blog when Stan shouts from below, "I'm not worried about Whitney talking to herself anymore, Mama."

"Why is that?" I ask.

And, he says, "Because Ellie is kissing rocks."

Oh, to be a child again.

To enjoy the little things in life.


Lynn said...

Oh my... Pet Rocks... what a flashback... and what an imagination... gotta love when that turns on and they run with it! Looks like you had a wonderful trip!

Sarah said...

lol! Great post!

I love that she is so imaginative with rocks.

Rosabelle, no doubt, came from the fact that she already had two R's. Rocky and Rhoda. If the third pet had started with anything but an R, it would have thrown a kink in the works. -says the mom who undoubtedly has a thing for alliteration.

(btw - don't shoot me...I'm not done with the project. *hanging head in shame*)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for sharing (o>▽<)..................................................................

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