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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Heart of Children

There is so much evil in our world.

Our children face many more temptations than I did when I was in school.

My students deal with issues I could never have imagined when I was in fourth grade. In my career, I've had students who dealt with physical abuse, homelessness, sexual abuse, abandonment, parental substance abuse, and the list goes on.

I watch children try to fit in. I watch some of them make wise choices, while others make choices that cause my stomach to turn.

I am currently praying for two boys who are my sons age. They have been in my home. One even vacationed wiht my family. Both of them have fallen into the world, both know of the love of Jesus, but both of them are now using and selling drugs.

I've been praying and hurting for those who hurt. I've asked the LORD to help me see the good things.

Today, He sent such a message.

I love the community in which I live. We have our share of drug abuse, and other problems. But, our community is a loving small town.

Yesterday was homecoming for our middle school.

And, when I learned today who was crowned, my eyes brimmed with those tears that only joy brings.

She was a former student of mine.

I've known her since she was four years old.

She has autism.

And, the students in our middle school CHOSE to see the beauty on the inside.

Oh, that we might see the potention that God sees in each of our children.

Smile with me today!


Annie said...


Suzy said...

Thanks for sharing this story. And thank God for the beauty in the hearts of those middle school children. It's so awesome when they "get it", isn't it?

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