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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Merry Christmas from Ellie, JT, and the Ninja Sheep

It was a Christmas play like no other. It was awesome!

I love to watch Christmas plays involving children. I love to watch children being children.

That would be the best way to describe our children's Christmas play at church. It opened with Ellie as the greeter. Didn't you enjoy that?

The story continued with Mary, Joseph, and inkeeper, the stable......

some angels:
Josie-Tatum was an angel.

Of course, there was one BRIGHT star, but there was many other smaller stars. Ellie was a small star. (After a quick costume change following the opening.)

The play, however, had some very interesting animals. They slowly crawled....down the aisle and made it to the stage. The sheep, though, were not quite the docile creatures we remember sheep to be. They seemed more like sheep from Mission Impossible. They had a quite a few moves that might impress Tom Cruise. I was unable to get a really good action show, but, perhaps you can get the idea from this one.

I pray you have enjoyed children's Christmas plays this year, too. If not, I think you should schedule some time to see one. It helps us see Christmas through special eyes.


Amy said...

Okay the little sheep that is standing and has no hat, reminds me of Pete King. And when you said Ninja sheep, he would have fit that profile 15-20 years ago. :) Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Ellie did a great job and I LOVE her dress! JT was the perfect choice for an angel wirh her angelic smile.:)

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