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Monday, August 27, 2012

Storms and Sunshine: Praise and Prayers

Tropical Storm Isaac....we've driven in its direction today. The LORD protected us. We even saw some sunshine. I thought of my trust in Jesus to protect us from the physical storm...the storm I could see. I admit my lack of faith at times to trust Jesus in the midst of spiritual storms. Today, was a day he proved Himself faithful

Prayers...they've been felt today. I thank God for those who have held us up to our Father on this day.

Stan and I are with Ellie in Tampa, with 3 days of visits to Shriner's Hospital. Today we met with a doctor who specializes in scoliosis. In June, we learned that Ellie's curve had increased from 20 degrees to 40 degrees since 2008. I felt a little sick when I saw this x-ray in June.

I thought I was prepared today...to hear that Ellie would need surgery sooner than later.

Today, we saw a new x-ray. They took one of her standing up.

And, we saw a 60 degree curve.

But, I sat with the doctor in peace. Real peace. The peace that passes understanding.

He discussed with us how the progression in her scoliosis was likely caused by the hip surgery combined with the lack of muscle tone to pull her spine into place. Without strong muscles in her abdomen to hold her spine in place, the curve is much more pronounced when she is standing.

Further peace washed over, though, when he suggested we wait on surgery.

Praise the LORD!!!!

Ellie will begin wearing a brace, however, for 23 hours a day. I know that will not be fun, but the hope and prayer is that the brace will do what her muscles are not currently doing, hold her spine in a "straighter" position. We want her to be able to continue to grow as much as possible before, eventually, she will need spinal fusion surgery to help her maintain her mobility.

Surgery on her spine is coming, but I am so glad she can wait until she is older. I am glad we don't have to go through that right now with all of the changes we've had in our family. I praise the LORD we're not looking at another time soon when I would need to be away from Drew, Zeke, and Josie-Tatum.

Speaking of them...please pray for them. Josie-Tatum had some tough moments today with her Mama gone.

Tomorrow, we have pre-op, for surgery Wednesday to remove her "hardware." You can see it in the xrays too. We will also have her measurements taken for the spine brace.

Thank you, again, for the prayers. Please continue to pray for us, as well as for those back at home.

I'll update tomorrow when I know surgery time.

And, since it's been FOREVER since the last time I posted....I promise to try to post some updates on my other kidds, too.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you and have your family covered in prayer.:)

Aus said...

Prayers offered - and after looking at the xrays I'm shocked that the doctor would say "wait" - but HOORAH - shows a little courage on his part too - or maybe a little "inspired" insight - God's smart.like.that!!

hugs - aus and co.

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