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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We Have an Announcement

If I were Linny, I might just leave the title there and a clue...and reveal the news tomorrow.

But, I can never wait to share good news...and I have already waited a few months for this one.

I began to pray many years ago, and God has recently answered my prayer. All the years I prayed, I didn't know who I was praying for. I was trusting God the he was raising up the right person.

You've already "met" him here:

On Friday, after asking her parents' permission a couple of months ago, he presented her with this beauty:

And, as I shared with others: We have not taken a photo that reveals the true beauty of the ring. There is no photo, either, that can share the beauty of Kennith's heart. My eyes were brimming with tears as I thought of the nights I prayed, when Whitney was just a baby, praying that God was preparing the heart of the man who would one day be her husband. When I read Bible stories and prayed with Whitney and Caleb, I prayed there were two mothers reading and praying with a son and a daughter that would join our family.

God is faithful!

As a part of the engagement weekend, Kennith took Whitney to an Atlanta Braves game--not because he loves the Braves, or because he loves baseball, but because the game was special to Whitney. Whitney attended her first Braves game when she was 7 years old with her favorite uncle who passed away 7 years ago. When she went with Uncle Wayne to the game, it was the rookie year of Chipper Jones. She has been a Chipper Jones since, and she wanted to see him play again during this last year of retirement.

It was a special ending to a weekend of celebration. They were caught on camera by ESPN as Whitney held up her, "Chipper, you will be missed," sign. And, they were caught on the Jumbotron as she held a sign that said, "I said yes."
Welcome to the family, Kennith. Continue to love my first born well.


Amy said...

So happy for them!!!

Vicki said...

Best wishes to you, Whitney! We love you!

Kim K. said...

Woo hoo! What a beautiful celebration lies ahead. Happy wedding planning!!

Aus said...

Great joy for y'all and the happy couple!!

hugs - aus and co.

Lynnea said...

So happy for them!!!!
Much love and we look forward to seeing the wedding pictures! :)
Love you!

Ben and Julie Agee said...

That is wonderful! I thought he was a keeper!!!

Can't wait for the wedding!

What a blessing for thoses answered prayers.

Hugs to you--mother of the bride.

Anonymous said...


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