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Thursday, April 18, 2013

A New Favorite Place

I visited here many times as a child. I have wonderful memories of being here with my mother and my sister, my cousins sometimes, and my aunts.

My children are now learning to love it as much as I do.

Jekyll Island

We've taken the children to the beach there a few times. That's where we were last year when Drew and Zeke had their first trip to the beach. (See it here.)

But, I have now shared with them some of the other experiences to be found on the island. I covertly loaded up scooters loaned to us by friends from school. I didn't tell them the plan. It was a secret. We got to the beach and I showed them the scooters. If you don't live in south Georgia, you might not have been to Jekyll Island. It has MILES of bike paths along the ocean and through wooded areas.

The kids and I spent a couple of hours on scooters along the bike paths.

Ellie, though, told me she wanted a picnic on the grass...like she had seen in books.

So, I took them for the first time to the historic district of Jekyll Island. They loved it far more than I could have imagined. We sat in a grassy park area between the Jekyll Island Club Hotel and the water. The live oak trees offered precious shade, but my children found much more than shade.

Low hanging limbs to ride like horses and climb, or even just to sit and enjoy the view.

They surprised me most when they enjoyed looking at the historic "cottages" and talking about the history. I look forward to more memory-making days with my children at Jekyll!

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Aus said...

I didn't know that was "your area"!! I used to teach forensics at the FLETC on temp duty - but haven't been down that way in 10 or more years! Always made it a point to get to the island at least once during my TDY's down in the "low country"!

hugs - aus and co.

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