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Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Spiritually Sensitive Six-Year-Old and an Ellie Story

Josie-Tatum is my ever spiritually-sensitive 6-year-old. At four years-old, she asked, "Why did God create a devil anyway?" In China, when she was still five, as we passed a statue of Buddha, she said, "We shouldn't be looking at him, because we worship Jesus.

She has such a heart for orphans, prays for them nightly, and wants to go "somewhere" to help them. She told me she would like to ask Santa to help the orphans, but she didn't know if he could. She has said, "If you didn't have to work, and I didn't have to go to school, we would go all around the world and bring home every orphan Daddy would let us bring home.

I've been praying about a possible mission trip we could go on together, walked through a few doors, only to have them shut later, found details of some trips I didn't feel called to. A friend recommended a contact Brenda Sutton, but I never followed through. Then, last night we had a guest speaker in our church--Brenda Sutton.

So, last night I talked with her about Josie-Tatum's desire, and her age....and Brenda said, "Why don't you come with us to South Africa this summer?" She told me about the orphanage there that they will work with, the school, and the evangelism that will take place. My instant reply, "We'll pray about that."

My biggest concern....money.

I do not want to stay in GA if God wants Josie-Tatum and me in South Africa this July. But...I don't want to run ahead of God and go to south Africa if He wants me here. I had thought JT and I might go to Guatemala. It looked like the trip for us until I heard back from the coordinators who have an age requirement of 12 years old.

I began to think now was not the time. We have so much debt. Perhaps God was preparing our hearts for the future.

And, then......Brenda came to our church. Is that coincidence? Someone had told me to call her, and I didn't. Then, our WMU director invited that same Brenda to come to our church. I talked with her last night just to ask her if she ever ran across a short trip she thought was appropriate for a 6 year-old. When I told her of Josie-Tatum's heart, she didn't hesitate to ask, "Why don't you come to South Africa with us?" AND....a teacher who teaches on the same hall with me is going to South Africa on this trip.

Oh, please help me pray. I want God to make it clear. I want to have great faith, but I don't want my flesh to be making the decision to go. How do you really know when it is God's voice you hear speaking?

Thank you for the prayers of many!

Now the Ellie Story

Today we were walking home from my parents' house. Ellie was taking her time, as usual, with her walker, stopping to smell the roses...umm play in the dirt....along the way. I told her I was going to get chicken out of the freezer, take it inside, and come back to help her up the steps. I said, "Don't walk near the mud puddle."
(I know, I know.....)

Well, I went inside with the chicken, put it in the sink, and went back outside. As I stood on the back porch, I saw Ellie with a handful of dirt, standing right on the edge of the forbidden puddle. I yelled, "Ellie, what are you doing?"

And, do you know what the little booger said? She said, "Mama, what were you thinking, leaving your baby girl outside by herself?"

Never a dull moment!


samuelsadoption said...

That is so Ellie! I love it. Hey, as far as the money for Africa, you have the first little bit so cash the check and use it =)

Mom Of Many said...

Dw and I sat and read your entry together and then we stopped and prayed for wisdom for you and God's provision for the trip....

We love Josie-Tatum's heart...sounds like our Emma - oh how God is going to use it!

Love from Colorado,
Linn and Dw

Mom Of Many said...

PS Love the Ellie story...

What were YOU thinkin? LOL

Kim K. said...

Wow. Africa sounds like an amazing opportunity. I pray that something incredible can happen for you and JT. Ellie just cracks me up. She has an amazing sense of humor. Keep the stories coming!!!

Terry said...

That is such an Ellie moment!

Praying for JT and that you will KNOW!

One Happy Momma said...

Saying prayers for guidance and wisdom on this decision to go to South Africa.

I love that your daughter has such a heart for the orphans. She is going to do amazing things in her life!

And could Ellie of said anything funnier. :)



Anita said...

Continued prayers for your JT orphan fund to Africa!! I can't wait to hear the stories of how she watched God show up! And Ellie...oh my.....she's a hoot already! :) Hugs!!

Amie@HeartSmiles said...

How precious is her heart! I will pray for wisdom for you regarding god's will for you, if you dont mind. Love her heart for others.

And the Ellie story.. hilarious!


Anonymous said...

Both Awesome stories ... LOVE to you, JT and Ellie! We are thinking of you and praying you thtough your decision-making ... oh, and giggling about little Ellie! What a sweetheart!
love, Kimberly :o)

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