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Monday, March 9, 2009

Prayers for Josie-Tatum Monday Night If You're Still Awake

Josie-Tatum has strep throat. After such a beautiful day on Saturday, we've not had much sleep the past 2 nights. Last night her fever climbed over 104 degrees. When she wakes in the night, she begins to cry, "My throat hurts, my throat hurts," over and over again. She has worked herself into a frenzy, and stays awake for long periods of time during the night.

If you're still awake,please pray that Josie-Tatum will sleep better tonight and that her fever does not climb so high.



Kim K. said...

Poor Josie-Tatum. Poor Mommy. I pray that sleep finds you both this evening and that her nasty little virus is soon gone. Please keep us posted.

Marla said...

I pray you are both resting peacefully as I type this. Hope she is better soon, poor baby!

Mom Of Many said...

Over here in Colorado the night is just getting started, since the little ones are all tucked in. With our oldest and her hubby here we will be up for a while.

I am praying for Josie-Tatum as I type and know that Jehovah Rapha will touch her little body and lower the temp and give her sweet rest - with ministering angels tending to her....

Chelsea Gour said...

We will be praying for your sweet girl. We are in the same boat. Parker ran 104.8 Friday night. It went down to between 99 nad 100 over the weekend but NOW he is complaining of a bad sore throat. So, we are out the door to the doctor in just a minute! We hope Josie-Tatum gets better really fast!!!

Sarah said...

I hope she is feeling better today!

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