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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Daddy's Birthday Dresses

Aren't they beautiful?

How could a daddy not have a happy birthday, seeing two princesses come out of the dressing room looking this beautiful?

But, serioulsy, yesterday was Stan's 46th birthday. We took a Dolphin Boat tour. (I highly recommend it. Click here it you'd like to learn more.) We got out on the boat before I realized my camera battery was dead, so I am sad to report I don't have photos.

After seeing the dolphins, we went out to eat, and since we were in Brunswick, we did a little shopping.

It is such fun to dress little girls. (I am, sometimes, a material girl, but click here to be reminded I am sometimes a spiritual girl, too.) And, for Josie-Tatum, we have such fun looking for shoes. She enjoys spending her own money on shoes, and has LOADS of flip flops. She enjoyed trying on lots of shoes yesterday, and happily brought home this pair.

But, when you wear AFO's, it is difficult to find shoes that fit, and rare that you find "cute" shoes that fit. It breaks my heart when Ellie comments that Josie-Tatum has pretty shoes, and she doesn't. So, when Josie-Tatum tried on these shoes, and we realized Ellie's braces would fit into a pair of those shoes, too, we had to buy them.

Ellie was so excited. We actually found 2 pair of shoes that fit her well with her AFO's yesterday..at Target, of all places. On his birthday, Daddy waited patiently as we tried on about 10 different styles. And, much to our surprise, we brought home 2 styles. The loafers that we found were such a good fit, I went ahead and bought pair of that exact same style, so we have a new pair when school starts next fall.

And, one more photo just to make you smile.

Thank you, LORD, for your blessings!


Kim K. said...

I love those sparkly special shoes. Darling pictures. You totally made my night, Robbie!!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Very cute and hooray for the shoe find for AFO's, know the chore all too well!!!

Oatsvall Team said...

what a blessing ... such cuties and congrats on the fund raising !

Raike said...

So sweet babies... Both are looking too cute in these dresses and shoes...

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