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The miracle is a beautiful image of Ephesians 3:20--more than I can ask or imagine. Every day is a miracle. Every moment is a miracle. Specifically for our family, the miracle of more is our family growing in ways I would never have imagined when we first committed to adoption 8 years ago. But, the greatest miracle is the change in ME!

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Friday, April 16, 2010


What a blessed day we've had.

Of course, it really began just a little over 24 hours ago when we left home. Thank you for all of your prayers. None of our flights were delayed. With less than an hour to make our connecting flight, we had no problems getting from one concourse to another and finding the gate for our connection. We had enough time for a potty break and a few minutes to spare.

While it was all smooth, if you had heard Brandon, you might have thought differently. (He can try to get even later.) We get to security, and, since he's not flown since he was very young, and Casie has NEVER flown, I was leading the way. Since some in security are concerned with how quickly you move through the line, I thought someone could follow my example. Instead, he says, "Mrs. Robbie, you're feeding me to the wolves. Mrs Robbie, what do I do with this? Mrs. Robbie, what are you doing? Mrs. Robbie, Mrs. Robbie." Well, I thought I had him settled, and I go through the metal detectors. I look back, and who have those chosen to do a random screening on? You guessed it. There was Brandon being escorted into the little bubble......heheheh

Note for Future Travelers:
When you arrive at your destination after midnight, and you go to pick up your rental car, use this phrase, "No, thank you."

I had already paid for the car online, I had already chosen the car I thought fit our needs, and still....the young lady says, "May I suggest a Chevy Malibu for your party? It's only $10 more." I didn't use the afore mentions phrase. I was tired. I said, "Okay." The lady with the too-long nails clicked across the keyboard, smiling, and then said, "Oh, that car isn't ready, but I have an Infinity that is ready to drive out of here." She begins telling me all of its accessories, and Brandon, no longer intimidated by security says, "Get that one. Get that one." The smiling lady with the long nails tells me how much it would cost ordinarily and what deep discount she's giving me, and wanting so desperately to get to our hotel room, I again do not mention the afore mentioned phrase.

So, we're driving an Infinity.

Nice car.....

Don't know what to do with all of the buttons.

Found hotel, no issues.

Nicest hotel I've ever paid so little for...Hilton Garden Inn, Lake Forest, Illinois. Highly recommend it.

Slept, fitfully, three hours, time to get up.

Leave for the the base.

Guess whose car is chosen for the random search...YEAH!!!

No problem, we still made it to the graduation ceremony with over an hour to spare.
There was some awesome music and flag work at the beginning of the Pass In Review.

AND, then the divisions entered.

Caleb's division was first.

He was on the front line.

Yes, I cried at first sight!!!!

And cheered when his division was announced with a lump in my throat.

But, you know my favorite part was that photo in my previous post, that one of Caleb with just his mama. My family and his sweet girl friend let me have him first....I nearly ran to find him, and he gave his mama the very best BEAR hug I've ever had...(tears again)....and then we were able to spend eight hours together.

We came to the hotel for just a few minutes.

Then, we left for the Cheesecake Factory, less than 10 miles away...Can you believe it? How cool is that? When we left, I asked a very kind stranger to take our photo....look how lovely this shopping complex is.

And, all my sweet son wanted to do was come back to the hotel and chill with his family. We obliged....and, we all took a nap while Casie and Caleb sat up and spent a some time almost alone together, just two snoring parents in the room and Brandon napping on the floor.

Caleb just wanted to take off his shirt...any of you who have followed my blog the last couple of years know he and Brandon are too sexy for their shirts.

And, we talked and we talked. Caleb talked and talked, shared funny stories, and made his mama feel better about his time away from us. While letters sometimes made me worry, I could tell once he was with his support team, he could share the parts of basic he enjoyed.

For those who have commented on his weight loss.....

Tomorrow morning, we will be able to spend a few hours with him before he leaves for his next destination....and we'll have to be up around 4 a.m., so I'm going to bed...I'll post more tomorrow.....


Kim K. said...

I'm just so happy for you, Robbie. He is something to be so proud of. What an incredible young man. Pretty darn handsome too. Enjoy every moment with your sweet son.

Sabrina said...

Tears for you all!! I am so happy you had had this time with your baby boy!!!

Karin said...

So happy for you...I know the feelings and I know the bear hug. It's the BEST!! I am missing my boy a lot these days but I'm thankful that he can now have his cell phone to text us. :)


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