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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wild Adventures--Parts 1, 2, and 3

I love 3 part stories, 3 books in a series, etc. So, here' my 3 parter....

We have season passes to Wild Adventures. (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa.)

Wild Adventures: Part 1

Now, with multiple furlough days for Stan and me, the family is on a tighter budget. This year for our spring break, we headed to Wild Adventures twice, since the passes were already paid for. (You'll have to keep reading to see why this story has 3 parts.)

We first headed to Wild Adventures on Tuesday with 2 other moms and their precious children, all adopted from China. We were quite the sight, I'm certain, a blonde, a read-head, and a use-to-be-blonde traveling with seven dark haired, dark eyed children.

We had tons of fun and wild adventures with our friends. The petting zoo was a big hit with the kids, especially since it's spring, and there were lots of baby animals.

One Ellie-ism of the day, after being asked to smile for a photo, "I'm driving here....."

We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed sharing food with one another. Thanks for the snow peas, Vicki! After WA, I bought the kids ice cream. So, for that trip, I spent a whopping $5.00!!

Wild Adventures: Part 2

Since Stan works some weekends at the prison, he has some weekdays off. He didn't have to work today, so we headed back to Wild Adventures. (I suggested the beach, but the girls wanted Wild Adventures. And, since I had to give up my Mother of Year crown last week after making Ellie walk to the bus and later learning she had a fever, I decided I had better do something to earn it back.)

We had a beautiful day---much cooler than Tuesday when the highs were in the 80's. While we had tons of fun with our friends, it was another nice day. Today, Stan and I could take turns riding with the girls. I don't do spins, but Daddy will spin. ( I could spin, but the remainder of the day would be spent trying to stop spinning.)

Josie-Tatum has become quite the thrill seeker, so Stan and I could trade-off kids. He'd seek thrills with JT, while I laid back with Ellie on the mild rides, and then we'd swap girls.

Wild Adventure: Part 3

It was one of those moments when each parent was in a different place that our 3rd wild adventure began. Josie-Tatum and I had already ridden Swamp Thing. She wanted to ride again, so her daddy was taking his turn thrill-seeking.

Ellie and I had ridden the mild Ant Farm Express and were getting ready to exit the carousel when I heard my phone ring. Interestingly, I heard it ringing above the sounds and music on the ride. I took the phone from my pocket, didn't recognize the number, had multiple split-second thoughts, and finally just answered it.

One, "Hey," was all it took. It was CALEB!!!!!

Good News: He is no longer a seaman recruit. He is a seaman!!!! He completed Battle Stations and received his cap this morning. He'd been up over 48 hours, but he sounded so strong. We are so proud.

The ADVENTURE begins....

When Caleb called last, Stan was at work, and they were not able to talk to each other. I didn't want that to happen again, so I told Caleb, "I think I can find your daddy."

While talking to Caleb all the way, I somehow managed to get Ellie off her horse and put her in her stroller. I strolled with one hand on the handles and one hand on the phone. I pushed past people without pushing them over.

We approached Swamp Thing.

I slowed down.

I pushed along peering under the shelter over the queues, hoping the see Stan and Josie-Tatum.

I spotted them at the front of the line.

I left Ellie at the bottom of the ramp. (Oops, there goes that crown, again.)

I pushed past people in line, all the while saying, "I'm not trying to break in line really."


"Excuse me, I'm really not trying to break in line."

"Stan! Stan, it's Caleb!"

"I'm sorry."

"Stan!!!!!!!!!!!!! Caleb is on the phone!!!!!!!!"

Finally, he heard me.

I passed the phone to Stan, and then decided I better go back and get Ellie. As I passed those same people, I said, "Our son just finished Basic Training." I heard one lady repeat what I said to her husband.

I found Ellie. She was waiting for me. ;) Those of you who don't know her would say, "Of course, she can't walk." And, those of you who know here would say, "You mean she stayed in that stroller at the bottom of the ramp and waited on you?" I fully expected to see her out of the stroller, pushing it up the ramp herself.

Then, still feeling adventurous, I decided I needed to go back after my phone. Once again, I headed back through the line, this time pushing past very patient people, with a stroller. Stan handed me back the phone, since it was time for him and JT to get on the roller coaster. And, back down the ramp Ellie and I went, past these same people for the fourth time.

One kind man asked if I would like help turning Ellie's stroller around.

I am reminded that there are many good people in the world. We see so much of the bad on the news, but there is much goodness to be found. Not one person spoke an unkind word as I bullied my way through the crowd. One man even asked questions about Caleb as I made my way back to the end of the line.

It has been a blessed week...and in 7 days, I get to see my baby boy!!!!!


Talley Images said...

Looks like a really fun time at Wild Adventures... and glad that both you and Stan got to talk to Caleb.. :)

Sabrina said...

Yay! Yay!!! Yay!!!!!

Kim K. said...

Such beautiful pictures of the girls. You must be counting down the minutes until you see Caleb. Hugs!!!

Karin said...

Hooray for Caleb!! Such an amazing accomplishment! Only a few more days and he will be wrapped in your arms. Can't wait for the day...I am so excited for you. Hugs!!

Anonymous said...

So much fun with your little girlies, Robbie!
And I'm just so happy for you that you were able to talk with Caleb! :) What a special day for a very special family.
Have a great weekend!
love, hollym. Bethany Momma

Amy said...

So glad you got to talk with Caleb!! Sorry I couldn't make it the other day. HOpe you and Sabrina had fun.

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