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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Daring to Dream

At Ellie's kindergarten celebration, the parents, family, and friends "Awwww"ed in unison when Ellie stepped to the microphone. She said, "When I grow up, I want to be a professional horse rider."

I've posted before about the blessing Saddle Up is for our Ellie. She loves the people, and she loves the horses! Mr. Phil, the director has asked on more than on occasion what my goals are for Ellie. He always listens intently as I share my desire for her to have an activity she enjoys that she can also excel in.

Ever aware of my plans for Ellie, he had a surprise for her this Thursday. First, he talked to me. He told me what he had planned and asked for my permission. Then, he stepped into the arena where Ellie was riding, supervised by two volunteers. And, he told Ellie, "I have a surprise for you."

"How would you like to ride in a horse show?"

Ellie beamed, and you'll be surprised to know.

She was speechless.

She did, however, put two thumbs up. So, Saturday afternoon, we spent time at the PC 4-H arena where Ellie participated in her first ever horse show. And, if you wonder about the blessing Saddle Up is to children. Take note. In every photo, there are three people, trotting alongside the horse and leading the horse. These people volunteered their time on a hot Saturday afternoon, loaded up the horse and equipment, and ran through the arena in four different events with four different children.

Her mama teared up a few times. It didn't matter to Ellie what place ribbon she received in each event. She just loved ribbons...and her blue snow cone...hehehehehe
Don't they all look proud? And, if you want to know what Ellie really thought about it all, pause the play list and turn up the volume!!!!

She will have 3 more horse shows this summer. Her dream really is coming true!


Kim K. said...

I have happy tears for sweet Ellie. What a dream come true.

Jessica said...

Crying happy tears like a bawling baby! So Beautiful!!!!

Amy said...

Oh wow!!!

Sabrina said...

Yay, Ellie!! I think you SHOULD be a professional horse rider! See you tomorrow!

Suzie said...

Make me cry, why don't you?? What a wonderful experience and just the sweetest little girl. What a blessing!

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