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The miracle is a beautiful image of Ephesians 3:20--more than I can ask or imagine. Every day is a miracle. Every moment is a miracle. Specifically for our family, the miracle of more is our family growing in ways I would never have imagined when we first committed to adoption 8 years ago. But, the greatest miracle is the change in ME!

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy, Busy, February

I hope you enjoy this picture of Ellie and her future husband. :)

The month of February has included Ellie's birthday party, Josie-Tatum's Gotcha Day, the girls ahd the flu, Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, 2 friends' birthday parties, and don't forget Caleb and Brandon are playing tennis and soccer. Oh my! No wonder I'm tired.

Before I share pictures, please let me ask for prayers: Ellie will have extensive tests on Wednesday, February 27th. She will have several diagnostic procedures followed by an appointment with the urologist. Children with spina bifida often have urological problems. We will learn many things on Tuesday, if she is incontinent, if we will need to catheter one or more times a day. This is weighing heavy on my heart. We knew these were possibilities when we committed to Ellie. We know God is walking with us. We ask for perfect healing, but, if God chooses another path, we pray his added grace and strenght for Ellie and for us as we teach her that she is fearfully and wonderfully made, in the image of Almighty God.


The day after Ellie's birthday was Josie-Tatum's 4th Gotcha Day! It is so hard to believe we've been home 4 years! Check out that picture in the side bar of our first sight of her. Her smile brightens my day. She is a joy, and so compassionate, loving to her baby sister...well, most of the time. I took her with me to one of Ellie's appts in Jacksonville, so I could spend more time with her. When we got home, the family went out to eat Chinese food. That was Josie-Tatum's choice. We gave her a ring that says "Princess" because she is indeed our little princess.

Both of the girls had the flu, Ellie first, then Josie-Tatum. I stayed home from work one day, the other days they stayed with Grandma. (Praise the LORD for Grandma.) When Josie-Tatum's fever broke some, (she had been so sick), we made Chinese lanterns. It was the week of Chinese New Year. The girls had a good time, and I admit I did, too.

All of the lanterns decorated the dining room table, and some hung from the chandelier. And, yes, the girls ARE standing on the table. Do they look sick with the flu? Yes, Josie-Tatum's temperature was well over 100.

Does God answer the prayers of a faith-filled 5 year old?
Josie-Tatum and Ellie had the flu, and Josie-Tatum's fever was never under 100.4, even with medication all day on Friday. She wanted so desperately to attend a Chinese New Year celebration in Jacksonville ,Florida on Saturday. The doctor said, "No Chinese New Year celebration unless the fever is under 100." Well, Josie-Tatum asked me that night, "Who can we ask to pray for me, so I can go to Chinese New Year?" We called Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Bobbie. Then she said, "Mama, you keep praying until you fall asleep asking Jesus to take away my fever."
When she woke up Saturday morning, she walked into my bedroom and said, "When can you take my temperature?" And, it was 97.7! Here we are celebrating!

Josie-Tatum asked for a fan in China. We bought one and haven't seen it since. I know it was in our hotel room at the White Swan, but...and could you help me pray I find our DVD's of our China trip??? Please....I can't find them anywhere.

But, here is JT with the fan we bought from a vendor at CNY.

What Ellie thinks of Chinese drums. Note the fingers in the ears.

So, maybe, if I hide behind the back of this chair, I can be brave enough to peak at the Lion Dance with that loud drum banging in the background.

Josie-Tatum and Ellie's buddies went with us to Jacksonville to celebrate Chinese New Year. It's become a family tradition for our families to celebrate together. As a matter of fact, the first year we went, we left the next day for China to bring Josie-Tatum home. All of the others have followed in the last 4 years. Aren't those beautiful kids? (Please note the future husband in green.)

And, lastly we enjoyed the birthday party of a friend this weekend, another beautiful "winter" day in south Georgia. (The weather will be much colder the middle of this week.) God has blessed us in our little town with several friends who have also adopted from China. This birthday just happened to be at the home of Ellie's future husband, also adopted this year, and only 2 1/2 months older than Ellie. His brother turned 4!

Josie-Tatum enjoying the birthday party of Ellie's future brother-in-law. She is such a gymnast and was quite proud of the tricks she could do on the bar.


Kim Kenward said...

Oh my goodness. All those pictures of your two girls' together just brings a smile to my heart. I will continue to anxiously await updates after Ellie's doctor's appts. Please know that Ellie will always be a special little girl to our family.

Kim K.

PS. I'm hoping for TA news this week. I'm about crazy at this point. I know you can relate to the feeling.

jiangxigirls said...

Hey, I know those other kiddos in your CNY pic -- or at least 2 of them! Happy 4th Gotcha Day to JT! Prayers for Ellie today.....

Becky -- A Feb Firecracker

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