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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finally......an Ellie Story

Okay, I realize I am still NOT myself. Not only have two of my children moved off to college, but I must remember it is the beginning of a school year. That always wipes me out.

But, here's to hoping I will feel like blogging more, laughing more, praising more.

And...here's a funny Ellie story.

Ellie has started pre-K. She has loved it!!!! She went to school joyfully for 6 days, never hesitant, always ready. Until Monday, that is.

Monday morning, when it was time for Josie-Tatum to walk her to the bus at our school, Ellie said, "I want you to take me." No problem. She has the right to be a typical 4-year-old occasionally and actually WANT her mama.

So, I walk her to the bus. The same Ellie who is usually crusing through the halls of Blackshear Elementary School at warp speed, walks slowly. I must remind her continually to speed up. The bus is waiting. Mama's students are waiting. When we get to the bus, Ellie begins to cry.

"I want to stay with you," she says. I tell her that is not an option. She cries louder. (I promise this gets funny eventually.) I try tickling her, coaxing. Nothing works. So, I get on the bus with her and tell the instructional assistant. "You're just going to have to take her."

Well, Ellie put a lock on my neck. Her hands and arms were clasped strongly behind my neck. Mrs. Marsh had to hold Ellie so my hands were free and I could force her arms apart and away from my neck. My blood pressure had sky rocketed, I was sweating. I left a sobbing Ellie on the school bus. What a way to start a Monday, the Monday after I have spent the weekend crying missing my teenagers.

When I saw Ellie at the end of the day, she was her typical, cheerful self. She didn't mention the morning, and neither did I. Later in the evening I said, "Ellie, Mama really worried about you today. Can you promise me you won't cry tomorrow."

Ellie said, "I won't cry tomorrow. I'm not going to school anymore."


samuelsadoption said...

Oh, Ellie is such a quick learner. Instead of "All I need to know, I learned in Kindergarten" she can say, all need to know I learned in a week of Pre-K. Blackshear Pre-K rocks LOL

Kim K. said...

Ellie stories ALWAYS put a smile on my face. Best wishes with your fall start-up and school jitters. I'm feeling your pain with work right now. Hugs!!

Talley Images said...

oh, if it were only that easy... :)

Sabrina said...

That girl!!

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