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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Sick Zeke---Cuddling with Jesus

As Chris Roberts was preaching during the Christmas season, he made this statement that stuck with me, “The baby in the manger didn’t come for you to cuddle Him. He came that He might cuddle you.”

                But, do we let him?

                I was awakened many times during the night with my Zeke. He is 7 years old and has been home now 10 months. Wow! These 10 months have flown. He has been sick with cold symptoms for a few days, but yesterday afternoon when the outside temperature was nearly 80 degrees, he told me he was cold. After we came home from school, I realized why he was cold. His body temperature was well over 100 and had continued to rise to 102.9 before bedtime.

                I put him in bed with me, as I have done with all of my very sick babies since I first became a mother nearly 25 years ago. As I prayed for Him and asked God to heal his body, I was also reminded to be thankful. Thankful. Thankful for the opportunity to love on Zeke when he is sick. It made me wonder about times when he was sick while he was still living in the orphanage.

                Zeke is a joy-filled little boy. He gives smiles all day long. He loves attention and quickly gravitates to anyone who will give him attention. He will give hugs and receive hugs. But…he doesn’t seem to know how to cuddle.

                He will sit in my lap. He will put his arms around me. I will put my arms around him. But…his body language is not typical. He remains a little stiff sometimes. He never really sinks into my lap. He hasn’t yet learned to let it all go and completely relax in the arms of his mama.

                Aren’t we like that with Jesus? Do we let it all go? Do we rest in HIM, as he told us to when he said, “Come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest?”

                Zeke is learning. Last night, he awakened several times. Once he woke up coughing and said only 4 words. He whispered, “Mama, I love you.” My heart sang even though I had a sick baby in my bed.

                Then sometime around 4:30, he was awake again and unable to go back to sleep. He told me he was thirsty. I got up, took his temperature again, gave him so ibuprofen, and some water.

                You know where I’m headed.

                All we have to tell Jesus is, “I’m thirsty.” He’ll get up…only it won’t be from a dead sleep. He knows your temperature already. He knows your needs already. He’ll give you the water from the well that never runs dry.

                And, back to Zeke. I asked if he wanted to watch TV. I helped him settle on the couch with his water and a soft blanket. I covered him up and handed him the remote. (He’s a man –in-training.) Then, he asked me if I would turn off the light. I did. And, he said, “You are a good mama.”

                And, my heart sang again.

                He is a good God. He is kind and loving. He provides our needs. He wants to cuddle with you. And, when He does, His heart will sing, too, if you turn back and say, “You are a good Jesus.”

                Cuddle with him today. Tell him He is good. And, as you’re cuddling, ask Him to take care of my Zeke….and get him well!! We are supposed to leave for the mountains Friday afternoon for some cuddle time with Jesus as we spend time with a dear-to-our-hearts Christ-filled family who lives in TN. We need to be well…..

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Aus said...

Oh just hugs - we know all too well the inability of our adopted kids to snuggle...it took each of them a long time to trust like that! But they DID learn to trust - just like we all need to learn to trust our Father!

Prayers and hugs - aus and co.

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