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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Beautiful, Peaceful, Blessed

That was our weekend.

It started with my favorite--a phone call from Caleb. I grow to realize all the more how much our Heavenly Father wants to hear from us, how much he misses us when we don't stay in touch. I realize, too, even more this year, what a sacrifice it was to send His Son to earth...for you and ME.

Then, Josie-Tatum spent the night at a Spend the Night Party for the first time...she's growing up.

While she was away, we had to make much of Ellie...it started with pedicures. Casie helped.

On Saturday, we were visited by our dear friends, Vicki and Ava Laurence, once again friends connected through adoption. Vicki blessed us with nearly an entire wardrobe of hand-me-downs...some still with the tags. Thank you, Vicki! Ellie has worn something from you everyday since Saturday.

Her daughter Ava Laurence enjoyed exploring our house.

Early in her visit, Ava Laurence found a bracelet...somewhere in my not-so-clean house. It wasn't until minutes before they left that she realized it was candy. The looks she kept giving her mama to be sure she wasn't going to stop her from eating it were priceless. I never was able to catch those eyes!

Then it was off to another birthday party, where there was a pony to ride. Ellie LOVED it!!! I'm hoping to soon have her take part in Saddle Up, where she can ride ponies every week.

Josie-Tatum enjoyed the ride, too. You may note, however, that she is NOT wearing a cowgirl hat and bandana. She was given one of each. Since when were seven-year-olds too cool for western wear?

And, we spent Saturday night watching one of my ALL time favorite movies. I've already seen it twice. Josie-Tatum saw it for the first time, and she wanted to see it again on Sunday. It really is a MUST SEE!

I dare you to watch Blind Side and NOT be moved....

(If you have young children, there is one scene at the end I'd recommend you skip.)

Then, on Sunday, our children participated in a skit to remember Palm Sunday. I love to see the children involved. I love to remind them what Easter really is. I pray we can keep Jesus at the center.

And, then, when we watched Blind Side the second time on Sunday afternoon, here is how Ellie spent her time.

The weekend was beautiful.

It was peaceful.

I am blessed!


Karin said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Sooo glad you got a call from Caleb. We are loving having access to Ryan now that he is allowed to have his cell phone. :)

Kim K. said...

What a beautiful weekend. Such precious memories with your beautiful girls. I'm right there with you on Blind Side. It's a MUST SEE. I hope this holy week continues to fill you with peace.


Anonymous said...

Great weekend with your little treasures!:)

And your phone call from Caleb..WOOHOOOOOOO:)

Have a wonderful Easter!

Marla said...

Now that looks like one perfect weekend to me! Love all the pictures, the girls are just adorable. I'm putting Blind Side on my list of to-do's for this weekend!

Sarah said...

I want to see The Blind Side. Getting Barry & I home together, unobligated, at the same time is a bit difficult these days. It has to slow soon, right?

My neice went to a horse party this past weekend, too. hmm. Must be popular around here (or the same party!).

Sabrina said...

Just a couple more weeks until you see Caleb, right?

The girls look like they were having a blast...toenails and horses!

I might have to borrow your movie...that is, if you can part with it for a few hours! ;)

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