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The miracle is a beautiful image of Ephesians 3:20--more than I can ask or imagine. Every day is a miracle. Every moment is a miracle. Specifically for our family, the miracle of more is our family growing in ways I would never have imagined when we first committed to adoption 8 years ago. But, the greatest miracle is the change in ME!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another Miracle of More Moment

This week has brought me to a sweet place of reflection and anticipation. I have been reminded that "The Miracle of More" is certainly the name God Himself would have chosen for our blog. To think that when I started is as Mei Mei Makes Four, we were preparing to be a family of six. Just four years later, we're soon to become a family of NINE + one DIL makes TEN.

I am just loving watching God do more than I could ask or think, just like He promises in Ephesians 3:20.

We held a fundraiser this weekend, just for the trip to South Africa. Josie-Tatum, Joshua, and I joined Jeanne for a pancake breakfast. And, we raised money for our mission trip.

But, God had more planned.

My heart was encouraged from deep within, while I watched so many friends come into the restaurant, coming not for breakfast, but for support. The greetings were loving, the smiles were warm, and the waitress....well she did OK. It was plain fun.

There were those who came to help, not because they are going on the mission trip, but because they want to help us help others. They were there because of love. To watch my Daddy make coffee, prepare and refill drinks, and wipe down tables...

Well, you tell me, is your heart not touched seeing the love in those hands?

I don't have many photos, because, PRAISE THE LORD, we were busy!

And, I've been busy, busy this week, too. I've had three different people call, email, and text. Three different people who together have sold 12 necklaces. Why are they selling them? Because of love. We've been fundraising, but God had the miracle of more in mind. He wanted others to have the blessed privilege of joining us in the work. I wonder how He smiles even now, as I just received a text that says, "I need one more necklace!"

Yesterday, my heart was nearly bursting with joy and and overwhelming sense of support. I had been returning calls, gathering necklaces, and preparing a bank deposit. Over the weekend, a dear friend had purchased two necklaces. I know how much her family has struggled, so much so that I canNOT imagine her pain.

I was probably not the best friend when I used some poor words by asking, "Are you sure you can afford this?" I hope she knew what I meant. (She knows I love her, right?) I wish I had chosen better words. She assured me that with income tax return money, she was planning to do certain things. This was one of them. So, I told her...."I won't rob you of your blessing."

Well, as I was preparing the bank deposit, I was endorsing her check. I stopped and began to cry. She has written it for $100. To some, that might be a small gift, but I know that she could do so many things for her family with that money.

The miracle of more...the gift gave more to me than mere money. The gift reminded me of my own selfishness, reminded me how much He loves us, reminded me that He has chosen His family to meet our needs.

I went upstairs soon after realizing what her gift had been and sent her a messsage, a message of my gratitude for her gift. Her reply reminded me again.

He has promised.

The Miracle of More.

She told me that within 30 minutes of her gift to us, she and her husband received a gift for the exact amount she had written the check over the cost of the necklaces.

The Miracle of More

He desires to add to our family. He desires to receive all of the honor and glory. He desires to use His children. He wants to bless His children for their faithfulness. He wants to do more.

How much more does he want to use you? How much more does He want to do for you?


Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! You can't out give God!:)

Jamie said...

It is amazing to see His blessings unfold!

taralee815 said...

So thrilled about your two new additions. I have been following your journey but only now just realized - you are in MY part of South Georgia! I grew up in Baxley and a lot of my family still lives there - my dad works at the Highschool. Waycross - we used to go there to watch a movie or go to Belks! Anyway - I am praying for your family and who knows - maybe we will go to CHina at the same time, we are shooting for July.

Tara Aycock

Sabrina said...

God is so good, sister! He has reminded me in the last two weeks just how much he loves, and how awesome and IN CONTROL He is!

Annie said...

Beautiful Robbie!!!

Karin said...

Oh Robbie....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this story!!!! God is so amazing and He can teach us so much through our small acts of giving. Thank you writing it all down for us. :)

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