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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Memorial Box--Zeke's Story

I have recently realized that I have not shared much of Zeke's story, how we came upon the decision to adopt two little boys rather than one.

And, the simple version, but, oh so powerful, is one word.


But for those who want to know more details, allow me to share how the LORD moved in such a way that Stan and I knew HE had two sons waiting for us in China.

Most of you have already read of the beginning of our journey to Drew. (If you haven't you can read it here.) The beginning of Zeke'es journey to his forever family will begin, of course, with our journey to Drew.

So, while we were beginning to paperchase to adopt Drew, I read a post from a mother who often advocates for waiting children. I see many of these posts, and don't read most of them. It's not that my heart is not burdened for these children, but I am a working mother with 5 children. I suppose what made me want to take a peak was the fact that the agency our smaller agency works through was listed in this subject line. It only read... Noah with Small World, age 4. What makes sense to God is...I took a look.

You've seen this photo.

I began to advocate for him myself. Here is a post I submitted to an advocacy group.

Okay, ladies and gentleman---

Please take a look at Noah:'

Small World has had his file for 6 weeks. They have about that long before it has to return to CCAA. I've looked at his file. While he has meningocele, his medical records state that he has no neuropathy...no nerve damage. (I know all medicals from China are not thorough.)

He is such a darling. I hate to think that he is not being considered just because of his diagnosis of meningocele.


I shared his photo and information with others. A few people seemed interested, but no one followed up.

Then, God began speaking to my heart. I began to feel he may be our son!

And, that WAS crazy! We had just begun fundraising for Drew's adoption. We were totally unprepared financially for one adoption, certainly not TWO. Stan and I had not EVEN discussed the possibility of adopting two children.

So, if you read much of what I write....you may remember that I laid a fleece before the LORD. I told God I would mention it to Stan IF he provided twice what we needed for the first fee to be sent to our agency. I know that sounds strange, but that's where I started.

Only, I'm not good at keeping secrets.

And, so, before I had spent much time waiting on the LORD, I confessed to Stan. I told him about Qing Zhuang. I asked him just to listen. (He always knows I have something frightening to share when I begin that way.) But, he listened. And, he didn't say no. And, he didn't say yes.

But, later, as I was in my prayer and Bible study time, he came back into the bedroom. He laid down beside me in the bed. I knew his heart was stirring. He said one of the most moving things I have ever heard him say. He said, "Robbie, since we've talked about adopting Drew, I've not had a vision. I felt we were doing what God was telling us to do, but I never saw myself with him. But, tonight, since you've told me about Qing Zhuang, I can't stop thinking about him. And, everytime I close my eyes, I have a vision. I see TWO little boys. I see TWO little boys wrestling on the great room floor with their daddy."

Can you imagine how my heart leapt within me?

But, you know what?

I was scared, too!!!!! I wasn't ready for Stan to say Yes yet. Funny, isn't it? God had not answered ME yet, but he was giving me His answer through Stan.

But, still we prayed, and still we talked. We had not yet committed.

We had some criticims about our adoption of one child...and especially about our fundraising. I was beginning to get somewhat discouraged. Then, our homestudy packet came in the mail from our agency. Included in all of the paperwork was the first major fee we owed....$2,000. And, we had less than $500.

Stan was the one who had opened the mail. I am usually quiet with him when I am worried, but this day was different. Stan was quiet about what he had read. He later shared with me how we was beginning to worry about the $2,000. We went to church, and I could tell God was speaking to Stan, but I wasn't sure what was going on.

When we came back home, I saw Stan on the great room sofa, looking through his Bible. I didn't know what he was doing...and didn't ask. I was returning a phone call.

I hung up the phone trembling and went to talk to Stan. I had great news to share. "We have been given $2,500 tonight for our adoption." Stan looked up from the Bible for one second, then he put his head in his hands and began to cry. The first time he said anything, he said, "I have two sons in China."

Stan had been looking through his Bible, trying to decide a Biblical name for Qing Zhuang.... IF....we decided to adopt him. The moment when God provided what we needed that day for the adoption of Drew, he KNEW God was going to provide for both boys. He has chosen the name Ezekial from the Bible. Then, he called our pastor to share the news....and to tell him that his American middle name would be Gunter...our pastor's last name.

The most amazing part of our journey to Drew and Zeke is watching the faith of our family. As God provides, our faith continues to grow. As God speaks to the hearts of our friends and family who give, we draw closer to the body of Christ. We are reminded that he created the body to be His hands here on earth. And, we grow ever more grateful each day.

Now, in our Memorial Box will be the original email....from the post of Suzanne. Without that post, I would not have found our Zeke. From that post, God has done GREAT things.

(If you'd like to know more about Memorial Box Mondays, go here.)


Talley Images said...

In a puddle on the floor... :)

Grimes Family said...

Love this post Robbie! Very excited about the future for your family! It's a priveledge and a joy to serve the Lord!

K said...

Thank you for sharing your miracle and blessing! I've always had a strong testimony that when God askes us to do something He always provides a way, but I understand now that the blessings he bestows upon us when we do His work almost defies being able to put into words.

I wonder if we'll end up in Guangzhou together! If so, let's be sure to meet.

Sharon said...

Robbie, I am so glad you shared this story of Zeke with all of us. What a sweet way God brought these boys into your hearts. I am so thankful they are coming home to you! :)


Adrian Roberta said...

Robbie, just jumped over from the Advocacy Group and I have to say You and your Sweet DH's heart and story is precious, just so precious. Love it and thankyou for sharing!


Chris said...

I am so thrilled to read your story
God is so good, and for allof us on this adoption journey, it is scarey, amazing, and yet so refreshing!! Seeing His hand in everything about adoption just keeps me waiting with bated breath for the next revelation!
Blessings on your journey to your beautiful boys!! And I love the name Zeke!!


Amy said...

Oh I am so excited to read this story!!! I love it!!

Jamie said...

What an amazing story, it sent shivers down my sping! God is good!

God's Grace said...

Your story gives me chills Robbie, such a testamony of faith....and growth in Jesus!!!

Sarah said...

What a way to answer your prayer and ease your fears all in one! Excited for you, Mrs. Robbie!

Deb said...


Mom Of Many said...

Thank you so much for sharing Zeke's story! We are so excited that God 'sets the lonely in families'. He is just so faithful!! xo

mom said...

beautiful story- so happy you shared!

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