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Monday, April 9, 2012

Glorious Easter

I really couldn't decide which photo was best for my header...so you help me decide. 1? or 2?

How many of you have tried to get seven children to all look at the camera at one time? And, how many you have a Zhuang Zhuang who refuses to look at the camera?

I had all seven of my children and my daughter-in-law home this weekend. I loved it! It was fun and loud. Unfortunately, there weren't many moments when all were awake and in the same room at the same time, so there aren't as many photos as I would have liked.

Photos of our weekend in no particular order...because who has time for such?

You should have been here when Brandon came home from Athens on Friday night. We were sitting at the supper table when his truck came into the driveway. I told the boys it was GeGe Brandon. Zeke got up and ran outside, to have Drew follow him. They kept yelling, "GeGe Brandon! GeGe Brandon!" Brandon could hardly eat for the boys continuing to try to wrestle, give him some knuckle, tickle, and play.

The boys were napping the next day when GeGe Caleb and JieJie Casie came home, so they didn't receive the same Welcome Ceremony.

Drew has hunted Easter eggs before, having lived in a Christian foster home. As far as we know, this would have been Zeke's first time. It only takes a brilliant six-year-old one moment at finding an egg to put in his pail, and he knows what this game is all about.

Zeke, too, was absoltuley PRECIOUS as the children sang a song at our Easter service. Not knowing a single word, he marched right up onto the stage with the children and opened his mouth to sing. I can't wait to hear him when he actually knows the words.

Drew joined in the march and offering, too, following the other children onto the stage. In typical Drew-form, however, he simply stood there. He didn't sing...and not necessarily because he didn't know the words.

Baba is missing from the photos because this was his 3 day word weekend.

After a sweet weekend, Brandon is back at UGA. Caleb is back at base with Casie. And, today, Tuesday, I had to return to work. In your prayer time, please remember the boys, especially Qing Zhuang (6-year-old Zeke.) He had a very difficult time, a major emotional melt down when I left for school today. It took him over half an hour to calm down. Jie Jie Whitney was able to help him enjoy some of the rest of the day. And, we've played HARD since I came home. Please pray tomorrow will be easier...as he learns Mama comes home!


Kim K. said...

Such beautiful Easter pictures of your precious kiddos. What a glorious Easter to have them all together. I pray that each day gets easier with the boys and their new routines.

Amy said...

Pic 2! I know going to work was tough. Prayers.

Grimes Family said...

Just beautiful Robbie!!!! I have been following along and catching up on your journey... Our God is amazing! Would love to see you!

Lee and Sarah VanGrunsven said...

I love them both, but number 1 I think:)

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