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Monday, July 16, 2012

Blessed Reunion Number 2

On Friday of our weekend trip, we set out on the adventure that had beckoned us to Atlanta in the first place.

Drew's friend from Amazing Hands Foster Home in China was going to be in Atlanta. They spent several years together and still remembered one another as friends. Cameron now lives in Michigan with his forever family. We couldn't give up the opportunity to visit with him when he was going to be just 4 hours away.

We had lunch with them at The Varsity.

While both boys had shared with their families much excitement over the opportunity to see one another, they surprised us when we finally met. They were both bashful at first. (Yeah, I know, hard to believe Mama's Monster would be bashful and quiet for any length of time.)

By the end of lunch they were running around with one another, but we never could get the two of them to be still for a photo.

Then, we left and went to Fernbank Museum.

We were finally able to get a photo of both of them when Cameron's dad picked them both up. Drew was thrilled to be carried along with his friend.

Interestingly enough, Drew, the one I call Mama's Monster because of his behavior, made an announcement when he learned we would be visiting his friend. He stood up in his chair at the dinner table and declared, "Everybody! Bu yao tiao chi." (Don't be naughty.)

He repeated that phrase for days along with, "Wo men zou ba wo de pongyou." We're going to see my friend.

When we got into the museum, both of the boys ran around like crazy. Oh, how much their personalities are alike. They ran around, though, and hardly gave the other one any time at all. They both behaved like....well....4-year-old boys. ;) It took much coaxing to get the two of them to stand in one place...well sort-of one place and allow their parents to attempt take a photo.

But, they had lots of fun, and we did, too.

I tried to photo making again in the IMAX theatre: They were sitting side by side, how hard could that be?

Following the theater, it was time for Cameron's family to leave. We somehow managed to have all of the kids stand semi-still for a photo.
Both families hope the boys will stay in touch...and when they are 24 years old, they can laugh at their parents  themselves when they see how "naughty" they behaved for these photos.


Aus said...

Great stuff - love seeing friends reconnect - even at age 4!!

hugs - aus and co.

David and Janet Hurley said...

Glad ya'll were able to meet up! I just showed AJ the pics, he was clueless=(
Good thing we did not try to make it, I am sick.

Marsha said...

I will look forward to showing Annagrace the pics of her foster bros tomorrow. So fun they got to see each other!

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