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Monday, July 2, 2012

My Baby Girl is 24!--update See #19

It is hard to believe my first-born is 24 today. So much of the blog is about the littles, I decided to dedicate this post to her.

Twenty-four things you should know about Whitney:

  1. Whitney's birth was much anticipated. Stan and I had been married for 5 years before she was born. He was forever asking me, "Let's have a baby."
  2. Whitney arrived after more than 24 hours of labor. She has yet to live one year for every hour her mother labored. But, I love her just the same.

3.  Whitney was the best sleeper of any of my babies. She would sleep all night, and willingly take a nap with anybody who would lie down with her. 
4.  Whitney still likes to sleep.
5.Whitney was always clean and neatly dressed. I had so much fun dressing my baby doll.
6.She soon learned that she liked to get dirty...much to my chagrin. On this particular day at the beach, she ate so much sand, we'll let you imagine what her diaper was like that evening.
7.  Whitney loved school and enjoyed telling her kindergarten teacher, "That's not how my mama does it."
8.  Whitney had a little more difficult time when it came to first grade. She needed a sticker chart to be reminded to get her work done. When asked by her teacher why she was having trouble getting her work done, she said, "Disney World just keeps calling my name."

9. Whitney enjoyed playing t-ball and softball--not because she loved the game, but because she loved being part of a team.
10. She started out in the outfield, where she enjoyed drawing in the sand. She found her niche as catcher, because she loved conversations. She carried on many with umpires, coaches, and batters.
11. She finally found her place in the world of drama and band in middle school. She was a self-professed drama geek and band nerd.

12.  Whitney begged for a baby sister...for two years before her parents finally knew the LORD was calling. She knew all along!
13.  Since she was a young child, Whitney has known where to turn when she needed support. Our Brother Randall has pastored our church since she was a baby. She knew when she was 6-years-old to go see him and ask for prayer when her dog ran away. She knew to call him when she was 23 and experiencing opposition to her mission work in California.

14.  Whitney likes to cook. 
15. She likes to watching cooking shows.
16.  She likes Pinterest.
17. Whitney still likes to play in the sand at the beach. She is not "one of those" who thinks she shouldn't get sandy. Unfortunately, her mama did not get her face in this photo.
18.  She loves her siblings...hence she plays with them in the sand. She also likes to plan surprises, like phone calls from Santa online.
19.  She is kind of messy--so kind of messy is an understatement. My best friend of many, many years--like we've been friends since 6th grade--called this morning. She said, "I can't believe out of 24 things Aunt Melanie didn't make any of them. So here it is Mel: Whitney is as messy as her Aunt Melanie. I sometimes think she should have been her daughter! ;)
20.  Whitney is goofy.
21. She loves Jesus.

22. She loves Kennith.
23. She hopes to one day adopt from Africa.
24. And, she was wise enough to wait to date seriously until she found that someone who loves her  Jesus, who loves her, who loves her goofiness, and loves her heart for orphans.

Happy Birthday My Whitney!!!!


Julianna Etherige said...

Happy Birthday to Whitney!!!

Julianna said...

That should be Julianna Etheridge. LOL

Amy said...

Such a great post!!! She is such a treasure!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !!! Great writing mom!

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