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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Chick Fil A and Us....

I've been quiet on the Chick Fil A controversy with many thoughts running through my mind. I won't repeat here any of the points I've seen made by others, whether I agree or disagree. I have wanted for some time to share this however.

If you support a boycott of Chick Fil A, have you looked at the many, many positive programs the founder Truett Cathy invests in? The company supports families in a way I don't know of any other industry to do. In a time when marriages are failing, drugs and abuse are rampant, and children are suffering. The Cathy family supports many programs, but  I am moved to mention the two dearest to my heart:

WinShape Homes: A place where children in American can find permanent, loving foster families. Children of abuse, neglect, etc. have a life in a home where they are part of a family again, a whole family, a supportive family. The program makes such an impact, adults who grew up there have been known to return to be house parents themselves. I'd like to know more of my money continues to support Win Shape homes.

WinShape Marriage Supports: You can read more at winshape.com, but I was impressed to learn this summer of the WinShape Intensives. What an Awsome program! Married couples in crisis can go, spend four days with intensive counselling, meals provided by Christian families, lodging. Many troubled marriages have experienced healing following their participation in a Winshape Marriage Intensive. The success rate is HIGH. I learned about this program just two weeks before the controversy became the talk of the web.

Just so you know, our family will continue to support Chick Fil A.....and all the more following the research I've done of the heart of the Cathy family. Whereas financial success could have been spent on personal gain, Dan and his wife have chosen to invest in children, families, and young adults. We'll likely be dressed as cows again next year on Cow Appreciation Day. And, at least one family member will wear a sign that reads, "Eat Mor Chickin."

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chili pepper said...

Well, put. I never even got so far as to consider all the wonderful things this family and company has done for others. We believe in the American right to state your opinion without being called names or having your livelihood threatened. We support our friends who own and work for Chick-fil-A and what we see them do for our local community and those who are employed by them. That was enough of a reason to show our support. Having read all the books written by and about the Truets, I should have also considered your viewpoint... they have used what they have to bless the world and that is just one more reason to show our support for them.

Thanks for sharing,


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