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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crazy for Characters!!!

We greeted the original Disney Characters at Epcot. Ellie was thrilled with her first meeting, her friends from Mickey Mouse Playhouse. She scratched Pluto behind his ear and he kicked up his hind legs!

The line for Princesses at the Magic Kingdom was short this year, only 15 minutes, because everybody else wanted to be in line to see the fairies. We hopped right in line to meet the princesses. They took their time with the girls and chatted with them before pictures.

Not sure what Ellie was "up to" in this picture, can't remember, but she was into her story, and Belle was a good listener.

But Josie-Tatum still wanted to see the fairies, where the line quoted 75 minutes. She said she was willing to wait, so wait we did! The girls were troopers. I must say the fairies rushed us through more than the princesses. I guess they were feeling the time pressure, knowing what the line was like outside.

Disney Tip #6--Check out the map and information given you when you enter the park. There you will find the places where your child can meet his/her favorite characters.

Disney Tip #7--While bags are checked when you enter the park, you can take snacks. We purchase some snacks while we're there, but they are expensive. We like to take our own, to save money, and make waiting in line a little easier. You can polish off an apple while you wait!


Marla said...

How adorable! It looks like the girls had an awesome Disney experience!

Kim Kenward said...

Each post gets sweeter and sweeter. What a magical time for your girls!!

Sabrina said...

As much as I would have loved going with you, I think your girls could not have had a better time. You got to do EXACTLY what THEY wanted. That might have been harder with two more kids, one of which is ALL boy and not at all interested in fairies and such! :)

Sarah said...

So cute!

And - how fun would it be to actually get to be one of the princesses at the park? I would have loved that!

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