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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Everybody Loves a Parade

And Disney does parades like no other. I love Disney parades, and my girls do, too. Stan has a hard time understanding why we want to sit on a sidewalk, and wait, just to get a good spot, but WE know. It's like the way a new shade of lipstick can make you smile, or a new dress that makes you look skinny can make your day. A parade with princesses is the best!

Spectromagic has to be my all-time favorite parade. I think Josie-Tatum agrees. She had hoped we would see it again.

There are afternoon parades at 3 parks in Disney, all of which begin at 3:00. I suppose the times may change, but in the last 3 years, this has been the case. These pictures are from the afternoon parade at Magic Kingdom.

Disney Tip #4: If you're going to view a parade, you need to find a spot at LEAST 30 minutes before the parade, and I highly recommend an hour if you're at the Magic Kingdom, perhaps the other parks, too. People take this stuff seriously. You may feel silly sitting there all alone, but soon you'll be elbow to elbow with nearly everyone in the park. You can park a stroller at a good spot, leave one adult beside the stroller, and then the other adults can take the kids for a ride or just a walk. When the parade begins, move the stroller and you've saved room for 2 or more kids with the BEST views!

Disney Tip #5: Parade waits are perfect snack/meal times. We like to get our food and sit to eat it while we wait. That way you're resting, eating, and giving yourself something to do while you wait. And, if you're at the Magic Kingdom, go to the snack shop between Dumbo and Arielle's grotto. You must try a fresh cream cheese filled pretzel! It's almost a meal, perfect snack for a pick-me-up!

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Kim Kenward said...

Who doesn't love a parade...especially one filled with princesses and cream cheese pretzels!! Great advice, Robbie. I just love seeing the girls expressions. Too precious. Everything is just so magical.

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