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Monday, December 15, 2008

A Magical Moment with Mulan

Our family visits Epcot when we are at Disney World primarily to visit China in the World Showcase. On our first visit, Josie-Tatum first began her love for Chinese acrobatics. On a subsequent visit, she saw Mulan for the first time. She now looks forward to going to China...(but not the REAL China she and Ellie will both say)...and her 2 favorite things are watching the Chinese acrobats and looking for Mulan.

After watching the acrobats we started looking for Mulan. While we didn't see her, we did see Mushu the dragon. We stood in line to have a photo with him.Josie-Tatum wanted a picture with Mushu by herself first.

Then, when I was snapping this picture of both of the girls with Mushu, Ellie found herself distracted, because she heard someone say, "Mulan is here!"

Mulan took her time with the girls, talked to them, took interest in them, and asked them questions. It was a priceless moment for Josie-Tatum and Ellie. Ellie had shown her shoes to Mushu and told him they came from China. I'm not sure how he communicated to Mulan, but Mulan said, "Mushu wants to know if your shoes squeak." And, of course, Ellie was thrilled to show both of them that her shoes did squeak!!

We stopped to listen to this woman play the Chinese harp. After her performance, we went to speak to her. She was interested in the girls and asked if she could hold them. She took them across the red velvet rope and we had a beautiful photo opportunity!

We left and went to see the movie about China, in the 360 degree theatre. For those of us who have been to China, it brings back such sweet memories, the Great Wall, the streets of China, the food and more!

Josie-Tatum wanted pictures of the Chinese architecture.

Before we left "China," the girls became mesmerized by the monkey king storyteller.

Disney Tip #2:
Epcot is a wonderful place for our children adopted internationally. Josie-Tatum loves going to China there. She enjoys watching the Chinese acrobats, the movie, and of course, seeing Mulan.

Disney Tip #3:
Epcot is also good for Character Greeting for those with young children. The lines to meet and take pictures with characters are often shorter at Epcot than at other parks. Most countries in the World Showcase offer opportunities to meet Characters from stories originated in that country. Disney "cast" members, aka staff, will gladly let you know the time of day to expect the arrival of various characters around the park. Just ask!


Kim Kenward said...

What great pictures and advice. I can't wait to take Josie and Emma to Epcot someday. What a special trip for your girls. Keep the advice coming!!

Marla said...

What precious pictures! And thanks for all the tips!!

Sarah said...

Great pictures! I love the acrobats, too. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see Mulan - the last time I went was 2000 and I don't think that movie was out yet (?).

A Momma in Waiting... said...

We loved doing the passport thing the last time we were at epcot and the craft stations! We didn't see Mulan though....NEXT TIME maybe!

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