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Friday, September 4, 2009

Ellie's Big Day---Please pray

Hey Friends,
We have a crazy week next week.
Ellie has an appt in Tampa, FL on Tuesday.
Then an appt in Jacksonville, FL on Wednesday.
We'll leave on Monday, spend the night with my cousin in Tampa, go to Shriner's, leave TAmpa, go to JAX, spend the night at the Ronald McDonald House and finish up on Wednesday.

We'll meet with the orthapedic surgeon for a check up on her hip. Ellie's new PT, whom I am loving, and whose services are through the school system, so her services are free....is recommending forearm crutches rather than her walker. She thinks this will help Ellie's legs continue to strengthen. We'll talk with the dr about this also.

BIG day. We go through all of the urological testing again, yearly is typical for SB patients. We'll learn how well her bladder is functioning, and determine if now is the time to start medication to calm her bladder and attempt potty training of some sort. Please, please pray for this day. I so desire to see Ellie able to control her bladder. She has not yet commented or led me to believe she realizes she is the only child in her Pre-K class who still wears pull-ups. Pray that I can continue to remind her that God made her special. Pray for my peace on this day. These tests and uncertainties have made me the most anxious in the past.

Ellie is so blessed to have so many prayer warriors lifting her up!


Kim K. said...

I'll be anxious for updates. Prayers coming your way for sweet Ellie. Hugs!!

samuelsadoption said...

Prayers for my Ellie and you. Hope all goes well. Can't wait for an update.

Grimes Family said...

Big days for a big God! We'll be praying....

Talley Images said...

Praying, praying, praying... what a big week... :)

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