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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prayers for Ellie and a Mother's Spiritual Struggle

Ellie will be leaving very soon to go to Tampa. She is going with her daddy and grandparents. I need prayers, because I won't be with her. I only have 8 sick days left, and I need to sure I have some left in case one of us gets sick. She will get her new brace tomorrow. Please pray that she will be able to walk!!!!!!!!!!!

And, I'm struggling....on the inside...with an issue that really concerns me. I'm not sure how to verbalize it, how to really share what's going on in my heart and soul.



Anita said...

Praying for Ellie that the brace finally comes off and she's up and walking, Robbie! I know what you mean about groups you mentioned and have just had to "move on" as it were...one of the reasons why I love our COP group so much.

Kim K. said...

Prayers coming your way for Miss Ellie. Please post on your blog as soon as you can about her appt and her brace. I'll be on pins and needles waiting for updates. It is very sad that Christianity is such a controversial subject on some of the web forums. I'm glad you can use your blog to continue to share your faith and strength. Hugs.

One Happy Momma said...

Saying prayers for Ellie and for her momma.

I certainly can understand how it hurts your heart about mentioning God and others getting offended.

But thank you for sharing (even on your blog.) You never know who will be reading it and it will change their minds or even their lives.



Marla said...

Ugh, I see that happening on boards more and more these days. Our agency's board is no different and to be honest, that's one of the reasons I don't post there anymore. What is so offensive about us coming together to say a prayer for someone who needs it? I just don't get it...

Anyway, Ellie (and you) will be in my prayers. Hope all goes well in Tampa and that she's WALKING when she gets home!

Terry said...

Praying for Ellie, and for your heart while she is gone. Post soon what you find out.

Most of the time I don't bother with those groups that don't allow "God" in your posting. I only go there for information when needed. That's why I stay a member to various groups.

I feel the same way you do. Makes me sad, really sad.

I'm so glad that we can mention God freely on our own blogs!

Posting your blog address on various groups from time to time gives an open opportunity to "Preach the Gospel!" I've done it when I did have a question...and I get many people "peeking in". I put my blog address under my signature.

The way that I see it, Jesus was told not to preach by the "religious" people of his time. If one town wouldn't listen, he'd go to the next. Unfortunitely no matter what point in history, there will always be somebody who is offended by Jesus Christ. But we've been commissioned...sorry I got a little preachy...love you!

Anonymous said...

Amen, sister! Everyone seems to preach tolerance and diversity....until someone mentions "God". I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ as my Savior and would love to continue to hear your prayer requests as I am honored to pray for your sweet family.
(I am on the China- Spina Bifida Yahoo Group)
I will be praying for Ellie and the hopes of her walking!
Love in CHRIST,

Sarah said...

Prayers for Ellie (and for you, since you can't be there).

Lynn said...

Robbie... have "been there done that" with other groups... and what a shame... we, as Christians are expected to not "offend them" by mentioning our faith... isn't is funny that it is okay that they offend us by asking us to NOT mention our faith. Just another sign that Christ's return is coming...

I am also thankful for our COP Yahoo group, and while I might not always post, I ALWAYS read and pray... on that note... praying for Ellie!

Anonymous said...

Robbie, I totally agree with you! The world wants us to be open to all the different walks of life, the different faiths and religions, even atheism ... they want us to be open to all of those, EXCEPT Christianity!

I have experienced the same issue on other groups and I don't linger there anymore ~ I'm grateful for our group; when it comes to all the issues, adoption concerns, family needs ... the other groups can't provide for me the way you guys do and REALLY, none of it matters without the "faith" aspect and the power of God over it all!

Definitely praying for you guys, for Ellie, and for the LORD's continued provision over your family!

Love you ...

Melissa Carter said...

Thanks Robbie for your comments on your blog. It is sad that they cannot tolerate mentions about spiritual matters. But like another friend said to me and God also impressed up on me. To them it is foolishness but to us is the power of God. Blessings to you and your baby with her appt. and brace. Melissa

Alyssa said...

Robbie --
I agree! It is sad how much of a hubbub gets started on a group because someone believes in the awesome power of God!
Mostly I feel badly for them -- what has chased them away from God? How can my words and actions help them see the beauty of God and the love of Jesus?

P.S. There are new photos on my blog now! :-)

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