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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fun With Caleb and a Special Blessing

Caleb was greeted tonight, by perhaps more family than he had hoped for. (I love my family!) Stan and I drove down with the little girls and Caleb's girlfriend Casey. Whitney drove down from college in Savannah. Only Brandon wasn't able to drive from Athens. My sister Bobbie came with two of her children, Joshua and Lindsey. Her grandbaby Maddison joined in the fun, too.

We all went out to eat at Outback, one of Caleb's favorite places to eat.

And, I had to take lots of photos...........

Thank you for all of your prayers. I've made it through this day without tears, and that is a major improvement over yesterday. (We'll see about tomorrow.) I want you all to know, though, how special my sister is. She was able to put into words so much I would have liked to say to Caleb. I've decided she must be the writer in the family. I shall cling to these words she wrote, in a card for him, for all of the days he is away.

Enjoy the photos she included of Caleb and Joshua together, and then get your tissue. (I warned you Kim.)

Aunt Bobbie's Blessing:

I'm glad your parents named you Caleb and I'm glad I could have a Joshua to go along with you. It's hard to mention one name without the other. I've always trusted you to look out for Josh to a certain extent and you have. You may have picked on him in the process, but you still looked out for him. Now you'll be looking out for him in a greater way. You'll be looking out for us all.
Your namesake in the Bible was a warrior too. At age 85 he drove the sons of Anak out of the promised land. They were the giants everyone else was afraid of. He was able to do it becuase he trusted in God even when others didn't.
May you be like Caleb of old. May you always stand up for what is right, trusting God will take care of you. May you be as strong when you are 85 as you are today, never forgetting your strength comes from the LORD. You will be both faithful and full of faith. Faithful to your God, your family, your church, and your country, and full of faith in the one who is called Faithful and True. May you be courageous, because you know in whom you have believed and He is able to keep that which you have committed to Him. Most of all, when your life is over, may the LORD Jesus Christ say of you, Caleb Bennett Mattox hath follwed me fully all the days of his life.

Aunt Bobbie


Karin said...

What a beautiful blessing. My son's middle name is Caleb, so it hits very close to home. Hugs to you tonight and continued prayers for tomorrow.

American History said...

your prayer touched us. We are praying! We found this site helpful www.holylandprayer.com Check it; maybe it gives you a relief. God bless.

Sabra said...

Please tell Caleb that I have thought about him several times throughout the day. It seems like it has only been a few years ago that you were teaching Sabrina and me piano lessons and you had the Caleb bulge still in your belly!! I will be praying for you all and wow! Mrs. Bobbie's words were AWESOME!!! Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Oh,My!, Robbie!
Yes, I cried when I saw your family's pics, yes, I cried when I read your sister's blessing, and yes, I cry as I think of Caleb leaving and your Momma's heart.

Yes, I will pray for Caleb, you, and your family..

hollym. Bethany Momma

Kim K. said...

What a beautiful blessing. Please know that I'm thinking of your family. Extra hugs over these next few days!!!

God's Grace said...

Oh robbie that is so beautiful. What a wonderful family you have and Caleb will go out with the strength of the Lord. Praying for your heart to be strenthened as well as Dad's heart too.

allisyn said...

please let Caleb know that many people are praying for him :)

Sarah said...

Love Bobbie!

(((hugs))) to you!

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