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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Magical Memory Making Moment with Mulan

I know that every parent who visits Walt Disney World hopes that their children will have a magical experience. We are home and very tired, but, oh, what a blessed time we had. And, one moment was more magical than all of the rest.

Several years ago, we learned that the only way to meet Mulan at Walt Disney World was to find her in China at Epcot. Having seen her there before, we headed to China in the World Showcase on Saturday morning. We were NOT disappointed, as she was standing near the entrance to China with a short line of children waiting to take her photograph.

We joined the line and waited our turn. Both of the girls were ready with the autograph books in hand when they were next in line.

Mulan was ever so gracious to talk with the girls and pose for a photo.

And, as we started to leave, Mulan gave each of the girls a kiss. Ellie was so thrilled, knowing the print of Mulan's lips were on her cheek that I had to stop and take another picture.

Our surprise came soon after I snapped photos of those sweet lips. There were no more children waiting in line to see Mulan, so she stepped over to talk with the girls again. And, then Mulan asked Ellie, "Who is your favorite princess?" While Josie-Tatum was trying to speak in code, and apparently one that Ellie didn't understand, Ellie missed the message that she should say, "Mulan," and she spoke the truth as only Ellie can, "Snow White."

Ever the gracious princess, Mulan continued to provide Ellie and Josie-Tatum with a moment they will likely never forget. Mulan told Ellie that Snow White would be out soon, and she would wave to her across the lake. (Now, don't ask me what sort of Disney magic occurred after that moment, but I did see a man with a radio. He might have been a member of the Secret Service, or he might have been part of Mulan's China Intelligence Agency.)

But, Mulan took the girls for a walk to the edge of the lake.

They sat by the lake and chatted for at least 5 minutes. It might have even been 10. I don't know what Ellie might have said to make Mulan laugh. Maybe I shouldn't know. I do know her latest favorite thing to ask is, "Pinky Square?" (aka pinky swear) when she's just told a secret, and I sorta think she mighta told one.

And, Mulan managed, as only a princess might, to make sure she gave Josie-Tatum some time, too, though Ellie was working hard to remain the center of attention.

And, just as Mulan promised, though she was little late....(Mulan and the Secret Service Radio man said Grumpy left a mess for Snow White to clean up that morning.)
Snow White appeared across the lake and waved to Ellie with all her strength, and Ellie waved back like never before.

As we were leaving the second time, Mulan said, "Remember to tell Snow White you were the one she was waving to on the lake." And, Ellie practiced what she would say to Snow White for the next 30 minutes....REALLY...until we met her.

There have been few moments that made my heart swell like that moment on Saturday. I really should write a letter to someone at Disney so Mulan can be recognized for MAKING the MAGIC for one little girl, and being sure the include her older sister in the plan.

More to come about our trip later. I'm off to sleep!!!!


Nicole said...

What a beautiful memory!!!!!!!

jennifer said...

What a great day!! Magical is exactly right.

God's Grace said...

Robbie that made me cry, really it did. How wonderful for the girls!

Kim K. said...

You needed to warm me to have a tissue ready. I'm just bawling looking at those pictures. Too precious. What an amazing day for your sweet little girls. Hugs!!

Truly Blessed said...

Mulan was especially chatty with our girls (both adopted from China as well) when we visited Disneyland in December. When I mistakenly said she was a "princess" she quickly told the girls that she wasn't a princess, but she had married a general and that was so much better than being a princess. My older daughter asked "why?" and Mulan quickly replied, "because Generals are real men, princes aren't!"

Talley Images said...

Completely crying.... so sweet!

One Happy Momma said...

It was magic...


Steve n Coco said...

That is the sweetest story-- it made me cry :)
Be blessed,

Heather said...

I am certain that is the same MULAN that we saw in October. We were waiting in line and then the security people told us that it was time for MULAN to take a break. MULAN took one look at Maddie, whispered at the security guard and then told us, "Come on over...I have plenty of time to see your family." You should have seen Maddie's face as she approached this beautiful, Chinese princess. MULAN took loads of photos and must have hugged my Princess a thousand times! What a sweet, sweet young woman who clearly understands the positive impact she has on these Chinese girls! Your photos are precious...you should send in a note to Disnay to recognize this woman's sweetness!

The Straight's said...

WOW, wonderful story that brought tears to my eyes!

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