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Monday, February 15, 2010

My Son, The Soldier

We've made this weekend ALL ABOUT CALEB.

Brandon and Whitney both came home. On Friday night, we had Caleb's favorite meal, pancakes and bacon.

We had a cook-out on Saturday. Well, the cook-out sort of became a cook-in, with temperatures falling near freezing by the evening. I gave everyone the option of eating indoors elbow to elbow, or outdoors in the cold with more elbow room. We had a few takers on the "outdoors" tables. So, imagine my 2300 square foot home with 84 people who came to say "good-bye" to Caleb.

You can see photos in the slide show below.

Then, last night at church we had special prayer for him...and his mama. Right before the ceremony, there was another activity. We cut Caleb's hair!!!!


I think he looks like my little boy again.

The little boy who would always come to my bedroom to check on me when I was sick, the little boy who asked me if I would be okay when his daddy wasn't home and he was invited to a friend's house, the little boy who wondered who was going to take care of our widow neighbor when we were on vacation.

The little boy who always looked after his mother and others is now going to serve and protect his country.

Please pray for him and all of the troops. Pray for his mama and his daddy, his grandma and his girl-friend Casey. Pray for Brandon, too. Feel free to send us scriptures that speak peace to your hearts.

We will go to Jacksonville, FL tomorrow to spend the evening with him after his check-in at MEPS, and then we will watch him be sworn in on Wednesday before he leaves for the airport to fly to Chicago for Basic Training. So, lots of prayers are needed on Wednesday afternoon, as we drive back to Georgia, leaving Caleb behind....


chinamom said...

Check out Karin's blog, Our Treasures from Afar at jacobsjourneyhome.blogspot.com. She is a Christian adoptive mom and her son is currently in basic training. Tell your son THANK YOU for serving our country and I am praying for you both!

Sabrina said...

You are all EVER on my heart, especially today. I love you, sister! Casey is on my heart stronger today....I am sure this is all very hard for her. Please tell her that we will remember her in prayer also.

Marla said...

Awwww! Love the haircut. Many prayers for him and God bless him for serving all of us.

Mom Of Many said...

Sweet, sweet friend,

I honestly am crying as I type. I think the hardest thing in the world is being a military mom. No joke. We nurtured those same baby boys and they are the ones who cared and took care of us when they were growing. When my MS was so bad it was Tyler who would pamper me and treat me like a princess. He is a rare treasure...just like your Caleb.

I will stand with you and lift your arms....the verse we pray is Psalm 34:7 The Angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him and He rescues them.

Truthfully, no one understands, except other military moms...it is a looooong road.

We can be so proud of our kids, but is still such a long road...long nights at time. I would advice you get involved in a Blue Star MOms groups near you...I just cried and cried the first time I went...all other military moms and we stand together.

I am praying and will be tomorrow as your treasure leaves to serve his country. You are loved dear friend!! xo

Kim K. said...

I needed another tissue with this post!! Robbie, you need to stop with the emotional posts! Or, warn us ahead of time!!! Thinking and praying for you and Caleb. Hugs!!

Nate and Brenda said...

Love the haircut! I cannot imagine your sad and proud momma heart all at the same time.

You have a great kid there!

Sarah said...

Prayers for all.

And the first thing I thought with the AFTER pic was, "Wow - he looks like a little boy again!". Don't tell him that, though...it's probably not the look he was going for.

Karin said...

My stomach is in a knot reading your post. I remember it all so clearly--those last good-byes. God is faithful--and He sustains us, but yes, it is hard. Right now I know he is safe but the dread of deployment looms large all the time. My son sounds a lot like yours...caring for mom, caring for others and now protecting us. I am praying for you tonight and will continue through the week. You will be so proud of him when he takes the oath. *Tears*

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