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Thursday, February 25, 2010

And The Winner Is.....


The photo represents all of the boys in the stories below.

Thank you to all of you who have made me laugh the past week. Today I received Caleb's address!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!! He was able to jot down about 3 sentences on the form letter, and I've already put his first letter from home in the mail.

Now, I suggest you hold onto your sides, because they may soon split. You might want a little tissue to catch the tears...for you may laugh until you cry.

I was having trouble making my decision. You will see why when you read this story from Lee Ann:

My cousin and I were about 10 or 11 yrs old and we were sitting on our grandpa's porch swing.

My cousins brother was about 7 or so and he was a mean kid to say the least! Always tormenting us and getting into trouble. Well he decided to start antagonizing us and calling us names.

We just ignored him so he went for the "shock factor"! He MOONED us!!! Which wasn't an unusual thing, BUT.....this time he took the cake! As he pulled down his pants and stuck his butt in the air, he had A PIECE OF TOILET PAPER STUCK ON HIS FANNY!!!!!!

I have never laughed so hard in my life!!! He is now over 30 yrs old and we still will not let him live it down!

So, I was ready to announce LeeAnn as the winner, when I received this story from Jennifer:

Having children yourself, hope you appreciate this one... You know how stressed we mothers can get sometimes, and there are times when we just need a break...

Well, I had one of those days and thought that if I could just take a long, hot bath then I would feel better. Joseph was 4 and Allen 5 at the time (Shane was 8 and entertained himself pretty good)so I put Joseph and Allen in my bed with the TV on and went into my adjoining master bath to soak... I could hear everything they were saying.. they were being so sweet and carrying on their own little conversation.

Allen said to Joseph, " I love you JoJo." and Joseph said "I love you too Allen." Then Allen asks Joseph, "Do you like the way God made me?" Joseph's answer was, "Yes." And then Allen says, "Well, do you like the way God made you?"... there was a pause, and Joseph's response was "Yes, but he could have put my worm up here by my belly button instead of way down there between my legs!"...

I thought I would die laughing! I later asked Joseph why in the world would he want his worm up there by his belly button, and his response, without batting an eye was..."easier to get to!".... boys, boys, boys :)

Then, I was faced with a dilemma. I didn't know who the winner should be. Both of these stories made me laugh...and out loud. Both times I laughed so hard I started coughing. Both times, I laughed so loud my family asked me what was so funny before I had gained control of my composure enough to share.

So, while I was having trouble making my decision, Jennifer sent me one more story. I will warn you that this one might really need a PG rating, but since she made me laugh TWICE, she is the winner.

I had forgotten about this one until this morning when Allen oh so reminded me by singing his own little made up song... last year on our way to Eufaula for spring break, everyone had to potty so we stopped off at a little hole in the wall convenient store to use the restroom...

Tim was getting gas, so the boys went in the restroom with me... lo and behold there was a condom machine on the wall.. haven't seen one of those in a restroom in years and of course the time I do, the boys are with me. The machine sparked an interesting array of questions, all of which I tried my best to avoid.

Allen however didn't ask questions, just observed the machine. I am chuckling inside the whole time and only responded to Shane and Joseph that I wasn't sure exactly what that machine was for, but I was certain that it would be a waste of money and we didn't want nor need anything out of it....

We made it to our cabin, settled in and two days later, while Allen is upstairs I hear him singing at the top of his lungs, to his own little made up song..." 50 cent for a Slim Fit... 75 cent for a Sexy Surprise".... you can only imagine.... did I mention that Tim's entire family was on the trip with us and that Tim's Daddy is a Baptist preacher??...

We all have a very good laugh!! and like I said, I had forgotten about this until he starts singing his little song again this morning on the way to school!!.... no one has mentioned it since last April when we were on spring break... what in the world triggered that, of all things??? .... out of the mouth of babes :)

Now, tomorrow, I will share with Jennifer, who just so happens to work with me, one of my family's favorite books by Mark Lowry.

Happy Thursday!!! Keep the prayers coming!


Sabrina said...

And I am SO glad that you were able to send Caleb's letter!

Karin said...

I love the last story...that is hilarious!

SOOOO happy that you got a letter from Caleb and were able to write back. We waited two weeks for his address, so he didn't get a letter from us until his third week of boot. ugh...

Army does things differently than the Navy. We never got a pkg with his clothes.

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