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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So, I received a package today, and it was not what I had hoped. I was so looking forward to receiving Caleb's address. I have a letter ready to mail him, plan to add to it again tonight. While I expected the pacakge to include all of his personal belongings, and it did, I thought it would include his address, too.

That it just the first part of the puzzle.

Here is the second part.

In the box were his pants, shirt, undershirt, boxers, boots, socks, coat, cell phone, i-pod, belt, charger, toothbrush, saline solution, razor, and....his CONTACTS. When I saw the case, it never occurred to me that his contacts would be inside, but they were.

So, any thoughts? Has anyone out there had a similar experience. Why does Caleb not have his contacts with him?


Gina said...

I believe that you're not allowed to wear contacts while in basic training...at least it was that way when I was in the Army back in the early 90's. Caleb was probably issued new glasses which if they're anything like what I remember are quite ugly. In fact, the glasses were more affectionately known as BCG's...BCG standing for Birth Control Glasses. It was believed that no one would want anything to do with you if you on BCG's.

Here's a wikipedia link that explains it as well - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Birth_Control_Glasses

I hope that Caleb does well in basic training...the mail will mean everything to him!!

Karin said...

They aren't allowed to wear them in basic. They get glasses that are hideous.

Oh..I see that Gina already explained everything. :) Funny about the BCG's. :)

I know it is SO hard to wait for an address...ugh.

Mom Of Many said...

That's so weird. I never got any of Tyler's personal belongings. I guess from the two previous comments, it's normal to get belongings. Hmmmm. Maybe we missed something somewhere.

But I have heard of Birth Control glasses - which years ago when I heard the term I thought it was pretty funny. I guess they're still issuing them.

I am sorry you didn't get an address. Continuing that God comforts your heart.


Gina said...

When I was in Army basic training back in '91, we were allowed to pull out what we could use while we were there. Everything else was packed away in our civilian suitcase until we graduated from basic when we would get it back.

I'm wondering if you won't get an address until he's in his official basic training unit. I know that when I was in, we were in a reception battalion which is where we were issued all of our new items, did necessary paperwork and got the ever popular shots. We didn't get a mailing address until we got to our "real" company.

I do know though just how important mail is! I was very lucky in that I come from a large family and got at least 2-3 pieces of mail every day. I still have every piece even though I've been out since 1995...

Anonymous said...

Big Ol' black glasses, yep!

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