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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Now, I Know: He Gets It!!!

Though I chose to post about Jordon yesterday, it was a momentous day for us.

I have shared how Zeke (Qing Zhuang) has begun to say, "I love you," and "Wo ai ni," at many times during the day. He not only repeats it but initiates it.

He will crawl into my lap and say, "Mama, wo ai ni."

And, yesterday, when he first got up, he was looking for Baba and Mama, I think. He walked into the bathroom where Baba was in the shower. The first words from him were, "Baba, wo ai ni."

Still, I wondered. I wondered because he has such a sly little grin, we always wonder what he is thinking. He really is a charmer. And....several times yesterday he said, "Mama, wo ai ni," while looking into my black bag and reaching for the Pringles.

All of my suspicions, though, were laid to rest last night. While shoppping on Shamian Island, we stopped by a shop where a man was doing "finger painting," not of the Crayola variety, but more the kind one might frame and hang in the living room. EAch of the children chose a bookmark.

If you look more closely, you will notice that Zeke's bookmark is not like the others. His is handpainting by the artist, but it is not finger paintings. His is Chinese characters.




And, underneath are three English words:

I love you.

Josie-Tatum picked it up and when he realized what it said, he touched each of the characters and each of the words and read it over and over again. He wouldn't, then, consider a different book mark. He had found just what he needed.


On one of the bus rides yesterday, he yelled, "Baba!" and I thought he was asking Baba to sit beside him. When Baba sat down, however, he climbed onto his lap.

He shares his affection for both Baba and Mama.

Zhuang Zhuang (Drew) is growing less defiant and more trusting. He loves to love on others--on his terms and when HE wants to. He especially loves to come from nowhere and tackled his sisters with a hug. A good replacement for the walk up to his sisters and whack a good one across whatever part of their body is nearest.

He is quite proud of himself, for he had learned to wink.

He is ever playful and enjoys every moment. In that respect, he really reminds me of Ellie. Both of the boys enjoy practical jokes.
Zhuang Zhuang was calling his Baba, "Mama," yesterday. When that brought about tickles from Baba, he decided he had developed a new game, so he continued to call his Baba, "Mama," so he could be tickled over and over again.

Not only did Qing Zhuang decide to join the game by calling me "Baba," so I would tikcle him. He came up with a new one that CRACKED us up today. We had walked several city blocks to a nice park. When we were getting ready to go, we began to load up Ellie and Zhuang Zhuang in strollers. My new friend Audrey put her baby girl in a stroller, and Qing Zhauang asked Baba to carry him.

Baba has tried to carry him often when he asks, to encourage bonding and attachment, but we were ALL very tired at this moment. So, he had to tell him, "No."

What did our little charmer do? With a grin, he picked up one foot and started hopping as if he had hurt himself.

And, he continues daily to leave a little food on his plate, really understanding that we will have more food for him when he is hungry.

God is so good and He is reminding me that He makes the crooked paths straight, that our journey is His journey, this time is His time, and if I will but look for Him, I will see Him in every moment.


Aus said...

HOORAH - just another example of God's activities in our daily life! Couldn't be any happier for you guys!

And please consider Jordan prayed for - by many - word is getting out in the US!

hugs - great stuff - aus and co.

Kim K. said...

Continued blessings. I love happy endings!! Prayers for Jordan too.

mary said...

So fun to see pictures and hear of the bonding that is taking place each day! All the children look so happy together. Aren't kids amazing!!!

Jolene said...

What a great update! Thanks for sharing the wonderful news! These boys are so blessed!

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