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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ponderings from China--Perhaps the Last

We will leave Guangzhou tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 PM, that'll be 3:30 AM for our family at home in Georgia.

On each of our trips to China, I grow quite sad during these last hours. I am ready to go home, I love my home, but I am going to miss China. (Stan does not hold my sentiments. He is just ready to be home.) I love to watch the street life. Once I learn my way around a little, I love to be on the sidewalk, walking amongst the people. It may be elbow to elbow, but I enjoy the sights and sounds. Unlike many others, I don't mind the stares. I simply smile and say, "Nihao."

I see the beggars, and I wonder their stories. I see the lady at the edge of the footbridge. She has been there selling cherries everyday. I never saw her make a sell, though, and I wonder how she survives. I see the families loving their babies, and I wonder what they think of us when we are strolling around with 3 Chinese children. I like to look at what is for sell in the grocery story and compare it to our stores.

I love to see the fresh fruit and vegetable stands and the vendors selling some form of meat on a stick, cooking it over open flames.

Before our stroll to Burger King.....

and Trust-Mart ....

through parts of town fewer Westerners travel...

we took the children outside to the waterfall and lotus pond here at the Garden. The photos alone help me to know why the hotel has such a name.

Those who dont' have boys may wonder why the girls are far outnumbered in these photos. Well, the boys quicly grew weary of such nonsense. And, once you meet our Drew Zhuang Zhuang, you will have an idea of how difficult it was to get the ONE and ONLY photo of all four of my children smiling.

Today we went to the consulate and completed the very last bit of paperwork. Actually, I simply signed my name to a couple of documents. Tomorrow, we wait only on the boys' visas before we can leave the country.

We discussed the boys and how they are doing on the way to the consulate with the boys. I will not say this trip has been easy, but I am amazed at how much easier it has been than I thought it would be. While the boys do compete for attention at times, it really isn't often. Zhuang Zhuang (Drew) is usually found misbehaving when our attnetion is diverted with other people, not when it is just the six of us.

Qing Zhuang still loves to be first. I wonder how long it will be before he realizes there is enough for everyone. I wonder if his desire to be first comes from his background, or perhaps he may just be wired for that desire to be first in line, ahead of the pack. (I teach students who run to be first, even to the restroom.)

Qing Zhuang Zeke continues to give affection willingly.

Zhuang Zhuang Drew continues to laugh at himself when you say, "Wo ai ni," and he says, "Wo bu ai ni." (I don't love you.)

Both boys love to be tickles.

And, both boys have learned to talk a little softer when we put our fingers to our lips and make the "sh" sound.

I am amazed when I think of this part of the journey coming to an end, this journey I thought may never come. But, really our journey has just begun. Please pray as ever before for us as we journey home, the plane ride, jet lag, and adjusting to our new normal family routine.

May our home always glorify Him.


Kim K. said...

Safe travels home. Continued blessings.

Amy said...

Will be praying. Won't be able to great you at the airport as hoped, but will be thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Geeze it seems like you just got there! PRAYING for reentry to real life! Can't wait to see all of your family together. It is going to be an extra special Easter!!!!!!

Aus said...

By now - 0610 Eastern Daylight Time - you should be feet wet on the first leg of your journey home.

Your journey has been awesome - thank you for inviting us along - seeing some of the same things we saw a couple years ago has been a joy!

Prayers that jet lag passes quickly - and that you learn your "new normal" soon!

Great joy for y'all - and your home shall always show the Glory of the Lord!

hugs - aus and co.

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